GULP Juice: Does It Work With Non-GULP Fishing Lures?

It’s Berkley Gulp time again!

The other day I posted a video giving you tips on how to save money with Gulp products.

I got a ton of good feedback and questions from that video, including this one:

Does putting non-Gulp lures, such as DOA’s, Zoom, or Z-Man’s in the Gulp juice make them more effective?

Check out the video below for the answer:

Does Putting Non-Gulps In Gulp Juice Help? [VIDEO]

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What did you think?

Have you used Gulp Alive?

Have you put non-Gulp lures in Gulp juice?

Let me know about your experiences in the comments below!

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William Combs
1 year ago

My best experience with combining baits was to add some of the oil based artificial lures into a bag of dead/thawed shrimp. That seemed to catch us fish just as well as fishing with gulp bait.

1 year ago

Love gulp for flounder and croaker,works better then live bait for me.But doesn’t seem as good on other fish so far.No it doesn’t work on other plastics for me.

Robert Golly
3 years ago

i use it on my bucktail jigs. I dip it in the juice every dozen casts. its seems to help on the slow days. could just be my imagination.

Chuck Shaw
4 years ago

A while back I moved my gulps into a container like you were using. But over time my gulp juice has decreased in the container. Does Gulp sell a bottle of Gulp Juice by itself to re-fill the container, without having to buy one of the large plastic “jars” of gulp baits to get more juice??

Also, are their different scents for the gulp juice (i.e. does the juice that jerk shads come in “smell” different than the shrimp comes in?)



Thomas Marks
4 years ago

You should contact Kishel Scents to test their products. They have been in the business for 40 years.

Tsanko Petry
4 years ago

I tried and didn’t work,the mi gulp im keep in the cooler ,direct contact whith sun make gulp very soft the most 6”.im luse a late lure they break very easy

4 years ago

Gulp is made with polyurethane technology, which can absorb water or some plant based oils as a plasticizer. The Gulp juice is designed to absorb into this urethane matrix. Most other baits are made with silicone which repels water or non silicone oils. I’ve tried it, it just doesn’t absorb it. I once tried to reverse engineer this stuff but my access to an IR spectrophotometer has gone away.

Gen wong
4 years ago

That just answered my own testing results but I have found that the gels scents definitely work better on application to soft and hard bait I found and now use a new scent gel lip glu it comes in salt and fresh formulas

4 years ago

What are your thoughts about putting live night crawlers or other worms in gulp juice container

Michael Scott
4 years ago

Something I learned years ago from a guy on the pro redfish tour, whether it’s gulp, doa etc etc, is to use a fine wire brush and poke tiny pin holes in the soft baits which will help absorb and hold the scent longer.


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