9 Reasons Fishing Is Good For Your Health (According To Science)


You probably don’t need any more excuses to convince yourself to go fishing this weekend.

But if you’re like many guys in America, it’s not you who needs convincing…

Sure, there’s always a reason to not get out on the water.

Chores, errands, house projects, gas is too expensive…

But did you know that fishing is actually good for your health?

It’s true!

There are tons of studies that show why fishing is good for you (we’ll get to those in a minute), but instead of asking if you can go fishing this weekend, here are the real questions you should be asking:

Are chores more important than your health?

Are house projects more important than your health?

Is the price of gas more important than your health?

Absolutely not!

And to support your argument, here are nine reasons why fishing is good for your health:

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health benefits of fishing

  1. Fishing is an outdoor sport, and being under the sun provides you with more Vitamin D

According to WebMD, Vitamin D is produced in our bodies when we’re exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin D helps strengthen your bones and helps prevent type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis and glucose intolerance. 

  1. Fishing outside provides you with clean, fresh air

According to the EPA, indoor concentrations of some pollutants are “often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.”

You know where there is a lack of indoor air pollutants?

Outside on the boat!

  1. Fishing helps you fight stress

There’s this amazing thing called “forest therapy” where people go outside and just sit among the trees.

By doing that their stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate all decrease.

It just so happens that there are lots of trees next to my favorite redfish spot, so I think I’ll go sit under to them because it’s good for my heart.

how to buy a kayak

  1. Fishing gets you off your phone

More screen time is associated with eye strain, headaches, poor sleep quality and a lack of focus.

Want to know one way guaranteed to keep you off your phone?

Sight casting at tailing redfish.

And speaking of sight casting redfish, check out this video for some crazy bull redfish action:

Bull Redfish Sight Fishing [VIDEO]

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  1. Learning how to fish increases brain health

All the days that I’ve got skunked on a fishing trip are evidence that fishing is hard.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to catch fish, and according to this article on Harvard.edu, learning a new skill can actually slow cognitive aging.

(If you’re sick of getting skunked, click here to take this quiz to see why you’re getting skunked and how to fix it!)

  1. Fishing keeps you in good physical shape

florida kayak fishing

Wading through waist-deep water, kayaking, paddleboarding, launching your boat, throwing a cast net, or reeling in 30-inch snook are all strenuous activities that prove the sport of fishing is a physical one.

Participating in these activities can improve cardiovascular fitness and increase muscle strength.

Another benefit is that these activities are low impact and easy on the joints, unlike running or most weight lifting programs.

  1. Fish are healthy to eat

blackened grouper recipe

In addition to the fact that blackened grouper is one of my favorite meals, eating fish is very healthy!

Fish is a great source of protein that is typically low in fat.

However, even the fat that is in fish (mostly northern fish) is omega-3 fatty acids, aka the healthy fats.

  1. Fishing is a great way to bond with family
Here’s Luke and I with our grandfather

Spending time with your family helps:

  1. Create stronger emotional connections
  2. Allows for better communication between family members
  3. Helps kids perform better in school
  4. Helps keep kids out of trouble

This health benefit lines up with our mission at Salt Strong, which is to help you create memories on the water with your family and loved ones.

  1. Fishing is a great way to meet new friends

One of the easiest ways to meet and connect with new people is to share a hobby, such as fishing (it’s especially easy if you’re part of a fishing community, like this one).

According to the Mayo Clinic, friendships:

  1. Boost your happiness
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Allow you to cope with life traumas
  4. Encourage you to avoid unhealthy lifestyles.

Tons of people have met new fishing buddies in our Insider Club, so I guess you could say joining it is good for your health!


Keeper snook and trout

So the next time you (or your significant other) are debating whether or not to go fishing, think of all the health benefits you could be missing out on.

We could all be a little healthier, and fishing is a great way to get there.

What’s your favorite health benefit of fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you want to catch more fish while you’re out on the water, join us in the Insider Club where we share the best spots and updates on what and where the fish are biting now!

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4 years ago

I loved that you mentioned that fishing can help you share a hobby with other people, and therefore, make more friends which will lead you to less stress in your life. My husband told me he would like to take a weekend and go out and fish, and I think it would be really great for him to make more friends. It would also be great if he found the right service and place where he can go fishing. https://tightlinzfishing.com

Gary Rankel
4 years ago

You forgot tip #10 – Fishing lets you escape from your wife for a few hours!!


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