The Secret To Rigging Z-Man Lures On Owner TwistLock Hooks


It’s Z-Man lure time!

Having trouble rigging your super-stretchy Z-Man lures on the Owner TwistLock hooks?

For a while, I was having difficulty getting them and keeping them on there, until I figured out the secret.

Not only does it make the lure secure on the hook, but it’s quick, too!

Check out the video below to see how I did it.


(Have you had difficulty rigging these lures on Owner TwistLock hooks? Let me know about your experiences in the comments!)

The Secret To Rigging Z-Man Lures On

Owner Twistlock Hooks [VIDEO]

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Hope this was helpful!

Have you had issues rigging these on Owner TwistLock hooks, too?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Jeff Thatcher
6 months ago

Brilliant! Almost hooked myself last trip trying to twist the spring into that soft zman minnow. Thanks Tony!

Jack Noor
1 year ago

Tony great video, wish I would have seen it earlier. My question has to do with tying a loop knot on a twistlock hook. It seems like half the time the twistlock gets in the way of the loop being able to do what it’s supposed to do. Also I think the twistlock rubs up against the loop knot causing a weak spot. Curious about your thoughts. Love your tutorials. Jack N

Charles Michael
2 years ago

Which z man baits do y’all recommend for inshore reds

Nick Nemeth
2 years ago

Great tip Tony. Looking forward to trying this method as I love the durability of the Z-man products but I’ve found them more difficult to rig weedless and tend to only use them on a jig head.

2 years ago

THANK YOU! I have been fighting with this for a while.

William Hill
2 years ago

Like the durability of this soft bait. Tony’s tip works great. Thanks

Gary Rankel
2 years ago

Hey Tony…….I’ve tried rigging Z-Man plastics on the twist lock, the Mustad Grip Pin and other hooks, including a couple made by Z-Man specifically for their plastics and have come to favor the grip pin hooks (both weighted and unweighted). I don’t fish with Gulp products which may be better suited to the twist lock models.

Gary Rankel
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Right, Tony….that makes sense. I’m playing with the new Texas Eye Jighead that just came out right now as another way to rig Elaztech. It’s a bit long for the MinnowZ but looks good with the DieZel MinnowZ. Will see if the fish like it tomorrow.


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