2 Steps To Tying Your Boat To A Mooring Buoy (The Quick & Easy Way)

By: Joseph Simonds on December 4, 2019
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tie your boat to a mooring buoy

When the wind is blowing, it can be a lot harder than it looks to tie your boat to a mooring buoy or ball…

Plus, when you pull up to the mooring buoy, the last thing you want to do is bring that slimy, grassy, barnacley rope on board and tie it to your boat…

In this video, we’ve got Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson of FloridaKeysFunFishing.com to show us the quick and easy way to tie off to a mooring buoy, without bringing the dirty mooring buoy rope on board.

Watch how it’s done below.


How To Tie Your Boat To A Mooring Buoy [VIDEO]

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Check out some of Capt. Johnson’s other videos:

When you’re tying off to a mooring buoy

  1. Slip your dock line through the loop on the mooring buoy rope
  2. Tie the other end to a second cleat on your boat.

This helps because:

  1. You don’t need to worry about tying knots with the mooring buoy rope that probably has barnacles and grass on it
  2. When it’s time to go, all you need to do is untie one knot on your boat and you’re good to go

Have any questions about tying off to a mooring buoy?

Let me know in the comments below.

And if you’re in the keys and want to book a trip with Capt. Johnson’s crew, you can do so at their website FloridaKeysFunFishing.com.

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That was just what I was hoping to see.
Best Regards
Johnnie Canuck

Paul Schneider

This looks good and convenient for a visit to a mooring, but if you keep a boat long term on a mooring in a relatively exposed location I am not sure I would trust the line to line connection not to chaff if left unattended. Right?

Tom Bowden

Where did you tie your line on boat before you put it through bout and tied to cleat?


Good video, the line from the Mooring ball is called a Pendant. We teach that same technique in our USCG Auxiliary Boating Skills & Seamanship course. Using your line through the loop on the pendant also decreases the jerk of the waves on your boat.
Capt. Jim Fogle
Public Ed. Officer, St. Petersburg


What do you do when multiple boats want to tie up?

David Heck

I’m new at this. Where do you find these mooring buoys? Can anyone use them and are there some in Jacksonville, Fl.