How To Dock Your Boat The Quick & Easy Way


Need help docking your boat like a pro?

You’re in the right place…

A great day on the water can be spoiled by a tough time at the boat ramp.

So to teach us how to dock a boat the quick and easy way, we brought back Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson.

He’ll show us the correct way to approach a dock, plus his tips for windy days, or in areas with lots of current.


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How To Dock Your Boat [VIDEO]

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(P.S. want to catch more fish while you’re out on the water? Check out our SUPER-Community here.)

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Michael Van Laanen
1 year ago

Thanks for the tips. Appreciate the advice on docking. What is the make and model of your Boat Captain? Am hunting for a used one now and like to looks of yours.

Terence Buydos
1 year ago

proud day, I was idling my 23′ up to a dock with lots of people watching, doing just like Mark says and my boat gently drifts to a dead stop with the gunnel about an inch off the dock, never touching the dock as i step off with a dock line. Just another day….

Sam Sheffield
1 year ago

great tip for all????????

1 year ago

That ramp and the area it is in is like a boaters dream it just does not get much easier, you mess that up is because you just do not know what you are doing. But you get to a ramp on the river and the water is moving hard and on top of that it is also moving hard under the dock you are approaching that is when you know the novices from all the others and so sometimes one single rope is just not enough to control the boat, a rope on the bow and stern is always a safer bet for me. All too often I see people with a nice boat and one 8 ft long 1/4 inch rope to try to keep their boat under control at the dock and then they are drunk to boot. That is why fights break out. Anyway my suggestion is a video demonstrating docking your boat under those more adverse conditions so that people might have a better plan in anticipation of getting on the water and possibly coming back in less then desirable weather. Just saying, thank you.

1 year ago

Enjoyed the docking video. Great tips

Gus Raynor
1 year ago

Excellent video Mark ! Great Boat Handling also !!! I’ve been a guide and 200 ton licensed captain since 1974. If you would let all our fishing community know a simple safety rule maybe another great video. This tip is if someone is at the dock to catch your dock line ! Many people will pull into a fuel dock and put the loop of their tie-up line over a cleat on the boat and throw the loose end to the person on the dock. From personal experience and loss of a friend I can honestly say that is a major mistake. When someone on the dock ties off the boat it prevents the boat from being able to quickly get away from the dock. In our case it was a boat explosion and fire. The boat beside up blew up after fueling up. Not venting and gas fumes in the bilge was the first mistake the the captain made. We always had deck knives handy and quickly cut the lines. Some boat weren’t so lucky. The Dock hands had tied up several boats and the boats couldn’t get away from the dock and caught on fire because of the gas in the water. Everyone on the dock ran and the boats were trying to break the lines and couldn’t . One life was lost and several large boats burned up. We thru a anchor thru the windshield of a 41 Hatterus and drug it out of the marina and watched it burn to the water line. At the time I was 21 I’m now 66 and still remember it as it was yesterday.
You do such a great job explaining with your videos I was hoping you could pass this along.

Thanks Again


Gus Raynor
1 year ago
Reply to  Gus Raynor

A loop at one end is fine. The dock hand can drop it over a bit on the dock or over a pole. Then the person on the boat can take a wrap on a cleat.
Thanks so much for showing interest!! You have a fantastic website

Anderson Horn
1 year ago
Reply to  Gus Raynor

I think I need a little more info on this. So please let me know the process as you’re saying it, we would take the loop to the dock or we shouldn’t use loops at all and just a clean untied rope with a figure 8 at both sides?

1 year ago

How to dock your boat will not open-says error

1 year ago

Great tips & definitely the correct way. My concern is what Melvin thought to build a dock & put the cleets on the far side of the dock?? ????????
Perfect now someone walking the dock can trip over the line ????????

Dave Otte
1 year ago

From those of us ‘less experienced’ boaters, thank you so much. These tips are very valuable!

Vic Weinstein
1 year ago

Two things I’ve found very helpful putting my boat on a lift with swift current. 1) always approach the dock INTO the wind or current.
2) remember, the boat “steers” from the stern, not the bow.

John Hughes
1 year ago

I have been boating all my life and found this tip very helpful. Thank you. You did, however, leave out a few external factors that may affect/effect a successful docking. Angry, drunk, idiots in the water, on the dock, in cars…everywhere and you better like Kenny Chesney. Jet skis doing backflips over the dock. Dock fisherman and lines. Rubberneckers. And believe it or not if you have any questions about boating or docking it’s normally not too very difficult to find several experts who are more than willing to impart wisdom. Wake. Lightning bolts being hurled in every direction. Driving rain. I could go on and on but you get the point.

If you can dock your boat with all this going on then I will say…You my friend are a real expert!

Thanks again
P.S. Did I mention screaming wife, crying kids, and wild dogs?

1 year ago

Who put the cleats on that dock or installed it backwards. I approach the corner of the dock and drop the power poles. My ramp is always busy. People loading the boat AFTER it’s in the water, the motor won’t start, guides sitting around waiting for customers, etc. Dock space is scarce with boats going in and out.

Bryan Cook
1 year ago

I keep a small garden sprayer full of fresh water and salt-away in the back of my truck for rinsing the lug nuts, hubs, and brakes on the trailer.

1 year ago

As a woman, guys don’t think I can dock a boat. I’ve made a lot of them want to hide after watching me dock perfectly – every time!
Neutralize the boat’s position before reaching the dock. Know which direction the wind and current are pushing it. Then slide into the dock. Dockmaster told me he wished everyone would do what I do.
Thank you for the good video.


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