Overcoming Anxiety Attacks & Depression…


Have you ever struggled with anxiety attacks (or just a sense of high anxiety in your life)?

Ever found yourself in a depressed state for extended periods of time?

Ever had a tough time finding fulfillment and excitement due to negative thoughts, anxious thoughts, etc?

If so, you aren’t alone.

After personally battling anxiety attacks for about fourteen years of my life, I know what it’s like to feel lost.

So we brought back fellow Salt Strong Insider member Pastor Johnny Kelly of Discover Family Church in Lakeland, Florida to answer some of these tough questions about anxiety and depression within the church.

Definitely listen until the end (it gets really powerful).

Overcoming Anxiety & Depression [VIDEO]

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Overcoming Anxiety & Depression [PODCAST]

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And if you live in the Lakeland, Florida area definitely go check out pastor Johnny at Discover Family Church.

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Donald Cullen
3 years ago

I joined for the fishing info. but then discovered that you share your faith in Christ which I share. I love that you guys have a heart for people in need. Jesus got a hold of me when I was a needy, young fisherman of 14 and 45 years later I am a leader in my church living a blessed life. And I still love to fish. Keep up the good work men and God bless you. You’re doing some good stuff across your whole site.

3 years ago

That is truly Brillant Joe !Such an important subject to get out there ,in a open and Honest way . Bravo to Salt Strong .

Jonathan Getz
3 years ago

Appreciate the honest discussion on this topic. It’s slow in coming, but the more we openly discuss depression/anxiety, the more people will learn to treat it like physical illness. Thanks again for these podcasts/videos!


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