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What is the ultimate popping cork setup?

What are the top 3 saltwater fishing spots of all time?

How can you catch more flounder this summer?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • Ego S1 Guide Series Net Review
  • NEW Hoss Football Jigheads
  • Sneaky Flounder Lure for Summer
  • Hacks to become a better Topwater Angler

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How I Caught My BIGGEST Redfish On An Artificial Lure [Insider Report]

This particular trip was very special to me. For over a decade, I’ve explored nearly every nook & cranny of Mosquito Lagoon, and I’ve lost...
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DOA Shrimp vs. Power Prawn USA Jr [First Round Experiment]

This Insider Report shows a fun trip in which the DOA shrimp and the Power Prawn USA Junior were put in a head-to-head matchup. The...
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The Ultimate Popping Cork Setup

What makes up the ultimate popping cork setup? What sort of tackle and gear do you need to assemble the ideal popping cork outfit? If you...
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Sneaky Topwater Lure Hack To Catch More Redfish

Are you struggling to catch more redfish on topwater in early spring? You've got to check out this SNEAKY topwater lure hack that will...
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Use This Timeless Topwater Lure If You Are Struggling To Get Strikes

If you are struggling to trigger any topwater bites, then give this timeless topwater lure a try! The Rattlin' Chug Bug has been around...
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Hoss Football Jigheads Are Here [Best Jigs for Power Prawns]

These new football jigs heads were designed for bouncing power prawn lures along the bottom or jigging them in deeper water.
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Beach Fishing For Speckled Trout With Lures! [Insider Report]

Since going down and filming our new Beach Fishing Mastery Course with Bama Beach Bum, I have been itching to get back out in the...
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The Big Fish Recipe: Paddletail Tricks To Catch Bigger Fish

You've got to use these THREE paddletail tricks to catch bigger fish this summer! Paddletails are the most versatile lure you can use to...
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The Weekend Game Plan [July 1st to July 4th]

See the ideal game plan to use this holiday weekend based on the latest feeding trends and warming weather.
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How We Got A Double Inshore Slam (& My PB Flounder) With One Lure [Insider Report]

I received a late invite from an Insider Member whom I had never met, to hit the water for some last-minute action.   I hadn’t been...
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Ego S1 Genesis Guide Series Net Review

After having the chance to use this net for over a month, I give you the Ego Net Review! The type of net you are using is often glossed...
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Following Recent Trends For Consistent Results [Insider Report]

Following a pattern is a key to success when it comes to fishing. Often times we want to try new types of areas, new techniques,...
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These Are The Best Lures For Summer Flounder

We're talking about the best lures for summer flounder in this one!! Summer is a popular time of the year for anglers to head out and...
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The 3 Best Saltwater Fishing Spots Of All Time (And How To Quickly Find Them)

THE BEST SALTWATER FISHING SPOTS OF ALL TIME!!! We aren't talking about specific GPS locations or well-known fishing spots. We're talking...
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Using Smart Fishing Spots To Find Slams Near Inlets [Spot Dissection]

In this fish finding lesson I am using Smart Fishing Spots to break down an area that is capable of producing an inshore slam with...
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