Hoss Football Jigheads Are Here [Best Jigs for Power Prawns]


These Hoss Football Jigheads were specifically designed for using Power Prawn lures in situations where you’re bouncing the lure along the bottom and/or jigging in deeper water.

This football shape helps keep the lure from spinning as it drops which increases the amount of strikes you get since it makes the lure look more like a natural shrimp.

Best of all, this combination of Power Prawn lures rigged on these Hoss Football jigs has proven to consistently catch the bigger/smarter fish as well given how smoothly it glides through the water.

With these lures, you’ll be able to catch a wide variety of species including:

  • redfish
  • snook
  • flounder
  • seatrout
  • grouper
  • tripletail
  • tarpon
  • snapper
  • cobia

Watch the video on this below to see the great underwater action of these new lures:

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Keeper System

These jig heads come with two big hook keeper barbs which ensure that you can catch a ton of fish on each lure. This style of keeper has proven to work great with lures made from plastisol as well as TPE.

football jig keeper

Note: Just make sure to use the 90 degree load technique shown in the video above to maximize the longevity of your soft plastic lures.

Depth Coverage 

Here are the depth ranges that these jig heads can effectively cover when used with Power Prawn lures:

  • 1/8 oz = 1 ft to 4 ft
  • 1/4 oz = 3 ft to 6 ft
  • 1/2 oz = 6 ft to 20 ft
  • 3/4 oz = 20 ft to 50 ft
  • 1 oz = 30 ft to 80 ft

hoss football jig snook reef

Hook Size Recommendations

football jig tripletail

“Favorite Football Jighead Guarantee”

We put a lot of time and research into creating these jigheads. And we 100% stand behind it to the point that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this product.

If you don’t think it’s your favorite jig head for the Power Prawn lures after your first 60 days using them, just let us know and we’ll process a refund for what you paid for these jigheads.

➡ Get these Hoss Football Jigheads Now

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Jason Rosado
8 months ago

I wanna use the 1 oz on the party I’m going this month. The boat normally hits 80 -100ft depths. Want a suprise when the captain blows the horn to start fishing and use the power prawn and start hitting fish. I’ll promote the heck out of it to.

Brian Dapelo
8 months ago

Look forward to trying them out! Recently put a Power Prawn Jr on a Vudu Shrimp jig head (after a puffer demolished the plastic shrimp) and had some pretty good results (two ~20″ snook and a trout). Surprisingly the power prawn stayed on the jig head even without a barb because of the base thickness and had some awesome-looking action bouncing on the bottom in about 3-5′ of water.

Pat Ogletree
8 months ago

Been waiting for these! Can’t wait to try them out!

8 months ago

Can the Hoss Football jig head be utilized for surf fishing?

Ronald Baker
8 months ago

Hello 👋 Salt Strong
Our name is Ronald & Vanessa Baker and we was wondering do you have any jughead’s for freshwater fishing, because we do more fresh water fishing 🎣 then salt water fishing 🎣. We love 💕 your fishing jigs and would like to get more or can we used them as well with freshwater fishing 🎣. Please let us know something soon.

Dave Rollins
8 months ago


Just saw your link below for the depth chart and the various hooks/ jigheads! Thought I had a good handle on depths but clearly missing some opportunities, especially on deeper water.

Really appreciate that. Took a photo of the chart and added to my fishing album on my phone for quick reference on the water and stocking the tackle box.

This is super helpful.
Many thanks!

Hunter Nodae
8 months ago

Excited to try these sometime bridge fishing!

Max Marshall
8 months ago

Sold out the 3/4 oz while it was in my cart! Y’all should invest in some more storage for inventory 🙂

Gerald Powell
8 months ago

Can these be rigged weedless to keep from hanging on rocks?

Philip Stoddard
8 months ago
Reply to  Gerald Powell
Rob S
8 months ago

Hey Luke! Buying some regardless but have you rigged the Power Prawn USA with these jigheads to skip cast. You’ve previously said PP USA is your favorite skip casting lure but it doesn’t seem this jighead is an ideal choice for that purpose … correct?


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