These Are The Best Lures For Summer Flounder


We’re talking about the best lures for summer flounder in this one!!

Summer is a popular time of the year for anglers to head out and specifically target flounder on the flats and in creek marshes.

But what lures should you be throwing?

Learn more right below!

Best Lures For Summer Flounder [VIDEO]

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Before we get into the lures you need to target flounder this summer, let’s talk about the retrieve you should use.

All you need to do is cast your lure out and allow it to sink to the bottom.

Then, twitch the tip of the rod to gently bounce your lure up and then it will softly glide back down to the bottom.

The key is to create an easy-looking meal for a flounder to quickly gulp down.

You’re just sort of sliding your lure and bumping it along the bottom.

All the while, you are very slowly reeling in the line.

Focus on crawling your lure along the bottom with some gentle twitches mixed in.

The flounder are going to feed close to the bottom and this retrieve will present a very natural offering.

Summer Flounder Lures

I like to use two specific lures when targeting flounder and the way I choose which one often relies on the tide cycle and which type of retrieve is needed to trigger strikes.

When I began fishing, the tide was low and there was barely any current movement in the water.

In these situations, I like to turn to the Power Prawn U.S.A.

The shrimp are running right now and this lure does the greatest job of mimicking natural shrimp behaviors underwater.

Also, you can reel this lure in as slowly as you possibly want.

Lots of times the retrieve for flounder is slow and simple which is even easier with the Power Prawn U.S.A.

I’ve had most of my success crawling this lure along the bottom for hungry flounder.

The second lure I use to target flounder is the Z-Man 5-inch Slam Shady Jerk Shad.

This is a phenomenal lure that also behaves much like a shrimp or small baitfish in the water.

I usually lean to using this lure when the current picks up a bit more and the bite turns on.

Moreover, you have tons of options when it comes to retrieving this lure.

You can bounce it along the bottom or slowly crawl it like with the Power Prawn U.S.A.

When you bounce it along the bottom, the lure will stand up, and the tail wiggles in the current.

Furthermore, you can even start swimming this lure if the current speeds increase even more.

Due to the conditions that day, flounder didn’t mind swimming a bit higher and chasing down lures.

As far as jigheads go, I prefer to pair this lure with the Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead in 1/4 oz. weight.

The reason for going slightly heavier on the weight is so I know the lure sinks and is swimming right on the bottom.

Altogether, this rig is close to a 6-inch bait which is the ideal size for targeting flounder.

If you want to catch bigger flounder, you’ve got to beef up the size of your lures.

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Depending on the conditions and situation, the Power Prawn U.S.A. and the Z-Man 5-inch Slam Shady Jerk Shad are your best bet for targeting huge flounder on the flats.

Remember to maintain contact with the bottom and keep your presentations as low as possible.

Be on the lookout for those summer doormats!

➡Get Power Prawn U.S.A. Lures

➡Click here to get Z-Man 5-inch Slam Shady Jerk Shads

➡Get Z-Man Trout Eye Jigheads

Do you have any questions about the best lures for summer flounder?

Let me know what you like to use to target flounder down in the comments!

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Steven Russell
1 year ago

Robert great tips for catching flounder

Robert Berry
1 year ago

Last week I caught 4 flounder right at my buddy’s boathouse in Galveston, TX. Never caught that many before in one day. I was using a chatter weight, about 13″ of leader and a 1/16 ounce jighead with the gold digger. All I did was lightly pull up on the chatter weight and let the jighead go to the bottom. if the line tightened, I’d either give it a little line or start turning the reel until the line really moved then I’d set the hook kind of violently.

Heath Meeder
1 year ago

Nice to see a Flounder report. Very nice! TY

Jason Rosado
1 year ago

Love me some Flounder, great video

Buzz Butters
1 year ago

Nice video, very informative

1 year ago

When are y’all going to do another one of those fuego 3500 giveaways when you join the club. I missed out on the last one and I was kinda waiting for y’all to do one again so I can join

David Riley
1 year ago

Great report Richard. I live on Tybee and kayak fish around Little Tybee. Flounder bite has been good but trout and redfish slow most areas.

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

Good stuff Richard!!


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