Ego S1 Genesis Guide Series Net Review


After having the chance to use this net for over a month, I give you the Ego Net Review!

The type of net you are using is often glossed over and seen as an irrelevant detail.

However, the wrong net can have consequences for both you and the fish.

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Ego Net Review [VIDEO]

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Previously, I had been using a net made by YakAttack that I actually really liked.

The ergonomic design and collapsible handle were added bonus features I enjoyed as well.

However, the one thing I did not like about the net was the actual net itself.

Yes, the net had a proper rubber coating to protect the slime of fish, but the holes themselves were too big.

I found that this was causing damage to some of the fish I was catching.

This sparked a mini-quest to find a new net.

Upon recommendation from an Insider Member, I checked out Ego Nets.


There are several features that make this net unique when compared to others.

The first is that the net is a floating net but it also has an aluminum handle.

This type of design was intended for wading or kayak fishing.

You can even unscrew the aluminum handle to create a shorter, compact net for wade fishing.

The handle on the net itself is larger than normal so you can have a firm, secure grip on it.

This makes it so much easier to use the leverage of your arm and elbow to bring the fish up.

As I touched on before, the main reason for purchasing this net was the net material.

The net is still rubber-coated as normal but the holes are significantly smaller than in my previous net.

The bottom of the net has even smaller mesh so any fins or parts of the fish can’t be harmed by the net.

Another cool feature than may be a selling point to other anglers is the net has a ruler included on the net mesh.

So far, it seems to be pretty accurate.

But I would not depend on this to determine whether a fish is of legal size or not.

Just for curiosity purposes, you can eyeball the rough size of fish you catch.

Finally, the net itself is replaceable.

There is a zipper on the underside of the net that you can undo to release the net and buy a new one.

This actually saves you money by only having you buy a new net rather than replace the entire assembly.


The first con that I can think of is that due to the finer mesh of the net, there is some resistance when you are trying to move it in the water.

Just something to keep in mind when you go to swoop the net in the water to scoop up the fish.

The second con is that this particular model is not as wide as I would prefer.

Typically, I like a little bit of a wider net.

This is something you can learn to live with but a feature I definitely miss about my old net.

The last con about this net is the overall price.

It is a high-quality net and it has the necessary features for inshore fishing, but it is on the higher side in terms of price.

At the time of recording, this net retailed for about $119.

It could save you money in the long run on other low-quality nets and the net is replaceable on the Ego Nets.


The Ego Net definitely has features on it that you normally would not see in other nets.

If you are in the market for a nicer, new landing net, I recommend the Ego Net.

My initial experiences with this net have overall been positive.

Do you have any more questions about the Ego Net review?

Let me know what you think down in the comments section!

Are there other nets out there that you use and would recommend we try out?

Let us know!!!

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AJ Cheung
1 month ago

Thanks for sharing your pros and cons. Appreciate the video. Take care

Ray Bierschenk
1 month ago

What are you using for a fish bag in your Outback?

Justin Ambrosio
1 month ago

Wait until a 42″ snook blows a hole right through it in a tournament🤦🏽

Ray Markham
1 month ago

What kind of material is the zipper made of?

Robby Creech
1 month ago

I have had a ego slider net, it is the longest that they make. I broke it on the first bull red I caught. They sent me a replacement part. The weak link is the piece that connects the handle to the net. I tried to get the part out and ruined the slider handle. They helped me one time. I put a big blue fish in it and he chewed through.
I ordered a nylon with rubber coated and it seemed to be the best yet. On this net extended out be careful not to try and pick up too big a fish. Also rinse slider part of handle and I spray a lubricant on it . This will help a lot.

Rex Russo
1 month ago

Great review! When I finally get past all the personal issues that have been keeping me away from fishing, and actually semi-retire, instead of saying I have, I’ll be looking for a new net as mine has large holes and no rubber coating. I noticed that BP sells a rubberized replacement net with 3/8″ holes for $30+ that should work as a replacement net on your YakAttack net. BTW — increased resistance should be of little concern to all since the fish should be brought to the net, not vice-a-versa, with little if any chasing. (Your example in the vid is perfect.)

Anthony Ploutz
1 month ago

I started using the Brodin Ghoust landing net replacement’s on a couple of my old net frames. They do not hurt the fish but are limited to 30 inch circumferences.
you might want to check them out.

James Hagist
1 month ago

Pat, how do you carry it when wading?

1 month ago

I have been thinking about getting a Ego net for walleye fishing, probably one of the models with a extending handle. I will post after I have some experience with it.
Great review as always your reviews are usually among the best out there.

Brian Higgins
1 month ago

Do you have any experiences of hooks such as protruding from fish’s mouth being caught in the net? Easier or more difficult to get hook released?


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