How To Properly Net A Fish That You Plan To Release

When landing fish that we plan to release with a net, it’s important to use the right type of equipment and procedures to make sure the fish thrives after release.

If either the net or the netting procedure is done incorrectly or sloppily, the fish we are trying to protect can be seriously harmed.

This video below will show you the key things to consider when catch and release fishing while landing fish with a net.

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Equipment Used In This Video:


It’s on us as anglers to make sure to preserve our beloved fisheries, so we need to be continually striving to use best practices when releasing fish (especially the larger ones).

For fishermen who prefer to net their catch, it’s very important to get a good release net that has small holes and rubber coating on the mesh (no rope/nylon nets with wide mesh).

When handing fish that are going to be released, we need to be mindful to minimize the amount of time that they are out of the water.

If you want to get a picture of your catch, make sure to proactively have everything ready before the fish is pulled out of the water.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for good catch and release practices.

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A Rollins
1 year ago

If you have a non-rubberized net, buy a rubberized spray for a car’s undercoating, and spray your rope net. A fish would thank you if it could.

Branko Hodzic
1 year ago

So many great tips to questions going through my mind every time I catch a fish!

Glenn Nunemaker
1 year ago

Maybe you are on to a new opportunity! Someone needs to make an updated bridge net with this kind of netting. All the ones I have seen, including the one I use, are the older twine type. Logic says you only use the bridge net on a larger fish and one you want to survive.

David Vantine
1 year ago

In your opinion is using a net going to do less harm than using a Boga Grip to hold and then release the fish

1 year ago

Thanks for this video. I was going to ask you to do a fish handling video after fishing with a friend earlier in the week.

Dave Frymier
1 year ago

Excellent public service announcement.

Mike McCurry
1 year ago

great info! Something I’ve honestly never even thought of as a new fisherman.. Curious what brand is the net you’re using here?

Aaron Haseneh
1 year ago

Awesome conservation tips!! Love that! Keep up the amazing work, gentlemen!

Sam Craparo
1 year ago

Great info. We need to take of these brooder fish. Releasing fish that don’t survive is counterproductive. I use a hook out and try not to touch the fish.

Bob Chadwick
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing that. Nobody has ever taught me that. We do need to do our part to catch and release as safe as possible. I appreciate all you do.


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