Bubba Fishing Net Review (Top Pros, Cons & Tips)


Looking for a new fishing net?

You might want to consider the Bubba Net.

This net is from the same company that brought you the Bubba Blade and in this video, I’m breaking down the top pros and cons of this net, plus I’ll share tips about using fishing nets, in general, to help you land fish safely and keep your net lasting a long time.

If you’re in the market for a new net, you’ll definitely want to watch this review!

And by the way, we are not affiliated with Bubba or any other company, so you can be sure this review is totally unbiased.


Bubba Net Review [VIDEO]

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Before we get into the pros and cons of the Bubba Net in particular, let’s talk about nets in general.

When you’re landing a fish with a net, you want to keep the net handle vertical as much as possible.

When you start holding the net horizontally, especially with a big fish in it, that’s when you put a lot of pressure on the handle, or where the net and handle connect, which can cause it to break.

You also want to look for a net that will preserve the fish’s skin and slime if you’re practicing catch and release.

Nets with lots of knots or ridges, or nets without rubber mesh can remove the fish’s slime, which can be dangerous for them.

Now with that being said, let’s get into the pros and cons of this net.

Bubba Net Pros:

  • Has knotless rubber mesh, which is great for preserving fish slime
  • It’s very strong
  • The grip has notches to hold it in place in rod holders

Bubba Net Cons:

  • They’re on the expensive side as far as nets go
  • It doesn’t break down or collapse into a smaller size


using bubba net

Overall, I’m impressed with the level of detail that went into making this net.

It’s well-made and not cheap, but if you need a reliable fishing net for your boat this might be a good choice for you.

Note: The one I have is the smaller version which is 16-inches across… does a great job with fish up to 27-inches, so get a larger size if you are targeting bigger fish.

You can get this net from Amazon here.

Have any questions about this net?

Have you used it before?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Robert Keubler
8 months ago

Luke, Fishing salmon in Cal I used a snowshoe shaped collapsible net. It didn’t have rubberized net as that was not known at the time. Do you know where I can get one. I need a gift for a friend getting a new boat.

1 year ago

Luke, I was wondering what size you had because there are 3 sizes available?

Robert Peck
1 year ago

A very nice toutorial on this Bubba Net , Luke . I’m going to be a N .E . Beach fisherman this summer..No knee operation, no rocks .. Had to give it up in 2019. Live each day to its fullest. Can this net be cut shorter and hooked to your back while on the beach . I noticed you used a Bubba fillet knife in your cooking video . See , I’m paying attention LOL..Tight lines out there and a little something for OTIS in the kitchen.

David HHair
1 year ago

I kayak fish a majority of the time. On a kayak you appreciate compact out of the way storage for your net until you need it. I love my Frabil Hibernet folding net. It does not have the rubberized net material but it is knotless. Best of all super compact and out of the way on the deck until you need to slide out the net and use it. It has been super durable too. Looks like lots of moving parts but has held up well. Two sizes. I have the smaller size for my kayak.


Rich Heyboer
1 year ago

Luke, Whats the deal on the boat in the background? Wreck or a dude thats learning about tides the hard way? Love the rubberized nets.


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

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