Must-Have Tackle For Summer Redfish


We are back talking must-have tackle for summer redfish!!!

What tackle and gear will guarantee you catch more redfish this summer?

In this video, we wanted to build off of the ideas and concepts from last year’s Summer Redfish Lures Tea Time and further dive into what we know will catch TONS of redfish this summer.

In this new tea time, you’ll learn:

  • Lures that are working the best RIGHT NOW
  • Changing lures depending on conditions & locations
  • And much more!!!

Learn all about it right here!!

Must-Have Tackle For Summer Redfish [VIDEO]

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Equipment Mentioned:

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We covered a ton of information so here’s a timestamped version:

  • 0:31 – Go-To lures you turn to FIRST thing in the Morning
  • 2:33 – Where to throw & retrieve topwater lures
  • 5:02 – Lures & Presentations for Mid-Morning after the sun rises
  • 7:43 – Sightfishing lures & retrieve
  • 9:23 – Lures for later in the Afternoon
  • 11:45 – Summer Redfish Behaviors
  • 12:50 – Artificial Crab Lures
  • 14:22 – Summer Bait Progression & Best Lures to Match the Hatch
  • 16:12 – Go-To Lures for Redfish in the Evening
  • 17:35 – General Trends You NEED To Be Aware Of
  • 20:35 – Cut-Bait & Other Live Bait Options
  • 21:46 – Take Note of the Bait available in local Tackle Shops
  • 23:07 – Redfish Highways


Summer, as with any season, comes with its advantages and obstacles to hurdle when it comes to catching redfish.

Stay on top of current trends and be sure to capitalize on the early mornings and late afternoon into evening times.

Remember as the sun rises and temperatures climb, the fish might become lethargic and tired!

Do you have any more questions about any of the must-have tackle for summer redfish?

Let us know your questions, comments, and personal preferences down in the comments!

What lure has worked well for you during the summer in the past?

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Matthew Stevens
7 days ago

Great info here, the lure selection and reason for each is very insightful. And the observation about reds kind of circling an area like they are swimming along a fence perimeter is spot on. I have seen them exhibit that be having weather it was fishing jettys in south Georgia, along the texas coast and in the lakes here in San Antonio. They will swim along the perimeter of coves or humps looking for food.


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