Best Summer Redfish Lures (Plus Where & When To Use Them)

The weather and the redfish bite are heating up!

As the temperatures are getting much warmer and we are approaching summertime, the redfish bite is on fire.

And having the right lures in your tackle box for this time of year is crucial.

So in this video, you’ll learn the best lures to use for targeting redfish as we turn the corner to summer.

Check it out below!

Summer Redfish Tackle [VIDEO]

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We reviewed a ton of information in our new segment called “Tea Time with Tony & Wyatt” so here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 0:41 – What lures to use when sight fishing
  • 1:15 – When Tony uses the Alabama Leprechaun
  • 1:35 – Use this to store your Gulp baits
  • 2:14 – Rigging your jerk shads
  • 2:38 – Paddletail rigging for more strikes
  • 3:30 – Why scent is crucial right now
  • 4:17 – Try out these lures for a more erratic darting action
  • 5:40 – If you see activity but cannot seem to get a strike, use this
  • 6:36 – Search baits and why you need them
  • 7:26 – Are redfish keying in on baitfish or shrimp right now?
  • 8:52 – The lure that can imitate many baits
  • 9:16 – When to up the size of your paddletail
  • 10:50 – Clean water vs. dirty water lures
  • 12:32 – Use a wake bait if you don’t know how to walk the dog (and you can learn how to here)
  • 13:17 – Larger topwaters are getting crushed by big redfish right now
  • 14:18 – What are the times of day to throw a topwater in warmer weather
  • 15:16 – The spots and water depths to use a topwater lure
  • 18:02 – How big rainfalls affect fishing
  • 18:32 – Here’s why you need to change your treble hooks to inline hooks (use this easy method)
  • 19:15 – When retrieving a lure for redfish, keep working your bait even if you miss a strike
  • 21:47 – The metabolism and feeding habits of redfish in rising temperatures
  • 22:46 – Does your retrieval method need to change for summertime?
  • 23:35 – How to adjust your presentation with different weighted jigheads or hooks
  • 25:50 – Which lure to throw first for redfish
  • 27:09 – Casting strategy for summertime redfish
  • 28:27 – Redfish tactics for boat, kayak, and wading
  • 30:07 – Know the trends and have the tools to find fish by joining the Insider Club
  • 31:22 – Catching redfish with a 2×4 and treble hooks

Here are our favorite lures to use for redfish as summertime approaches:


Jerk Shad


Power Prawn


summer redfish lures

The feeding behaviors of redfish definitely change throughout the year, especially when temperatures really start to rise.

As the water temperatures rise, redfish get very aggressive.

So, you’ll need the right lure paired with a solid retrieval method to catch more redfish this time of year.

What’s your favorite lure to use in the summer for redfish?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who is targeting redfish this summer, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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4 months ago

Great info guys. I have several top water and suspending lures that have treble hooks and I would like to replace those with inline hooks. What general guidance can you give regarding hook size, brand etc. when doing that. Thanks

Last edited 4 months ago by David Smith
Adam Bailey
4 months ago

Thanks the great tips and reminders! Tallied word count – Tony: 148 – Wyatt: 21,509. Less caffeine, Wyatt! Haha

4 months ago

☆ Thanks guys! Been struggling a little bit with the weather, water, and bait transition.

Jack Dickerson
4 months ago

Question for y’all, I am starting to use a twist lock weedless rig versus a jig head. The areas I have been fishing areas shallow with either shell or grass (floating or rooted. When do you recommend using a jig head versus a weedless set up?

Richard Fiorentino
4 months ago

Thank you – Unrelated question- Do You always retrieve with the current?

Richard Van Gilder
4 months ago

Great video guys. You mentioned using 1/16oz weighted hooks in shallow water. Dumb question but how are you getting any distance on the cast with that light of a weight?
Also heard Tony mention Indian River. I’m near Ft Pierce so wondered if you’re fishing around here?

Werner “Bubba” Boeer
4 months ago

In Texas, we use 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz. Johnson gold weedless spoons fished with a straight or slow roll retrieve. Slow roll lately seems to work best. By slow roll, you need to bring spoon in 3’ or so and stop your retrieve and lower your rod tip allowing the spoon to flutter to the sand or grass. The redfish usually pick the spoon up on the fall. Be certain to allow the spoon to fall at all sand pockets.

Robert Lillard
4 months ago

How about using a black jitterbug around first light periods. It creates a good disturbance and you can keep it in the strike zone for quite a while.

5 months ago

Was just in Apalachicola and the fishing was awful. Despite using many of the tactics you teach, a combination of a nonstop extreme wind blowing the opposite direction of the current, erratic current, 3’ of grass submerged in front of the visible tall grass, only on the last day did we run into a group of reds. After catching 4 slot size, a bull shark came for lunch and ate the next 8 catches. Easy catch easy go! Better luck next time.

Aaron Hasenei
5 months ago

Great segment guys! I’ve been having a tough time getting them to bite lately. I can usually find the reds in SE FL chasing large schools of mullet around so I’m typically fishing a paddletail trying to match the hatch but not having much luck. Maybe I’ll try the jerk shad with some scent next time with some different retrieve styles you mentioned and see if that gets me more strikes.

Aaron Hasenei
4 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Ahh!! I’ve thought about this but never tried it. Thank you for the tip, Wyatt! I’ll definitely give it a go.


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