Use This Timeless Topwater Lure If You Are Struggling To Get Strikes


If you are struggling to trigger any topwater bites, then give this timeless topwater lure a try!

The Rattlin’ Chug Bug has been around since 1964 and is known to crush inshore fish such as snook, redfish, trout, and more.

Learn more about this topwater weapon right here!

Timeless Topwater Lure [VIDEO]

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The Rattlin’ Chug Bug is a 3 1/4-inch topwater lure that is skinnier and narrower than most other topwater lures.

Also, the lure weighs 3/8 oz., has a unique cup design on the front, and, of course, has a bunch of rattles.

The cup at the top of the lure is designed to scoop up water as you work the lure on the surface in an effort to create additional attraction to your lure.

The rattles combined with the unique cup design create enough noise to attract fish from far out to investigate and strike.

Chug Bug Retrieval

Furthermore, this lure was not designed with the intent to be worked like traditional walk-the-dog style lures.

Instead, you simply cast the lure out and pop your fishing rod up and down to create splashing and action on the plug.

Almost the same as working a popping cork along a flat.

The key is to cast the Chug Bug out and let it sit, then pop the lure a couple of times and let it sit again.

You can repeat this process until you trigger strikes.

With the Chug Bug, you can fish larger areas more methodically.

Now, if you want to work this lure like traditional walk-the-dog style lures, you are able to as well.

It all depends on what you are experiencing that day out on the water and what will trigger the most strikes.

If the fish are timid and shy, then try the slow popping method.

If the fish are responding to walk-the-dog style retrieves, then you can also fish this lure in a traditional way.


The Rattlin’ Chug Bug does come with treble hooks attached that you can switch out for single inline hooks.

The rear treble hook does have added glitter and feathers which some anglers prefer.

Ultimately, it is your decision.

However, single inline hooks are both safer for you and for the fish.

If you do switch out the hooks for single inlines, we recommend using Mustad Kaiju Single Inline Hook in Size 2.

These hooks are a perfect size matchup to the Chug Bug and also mimic the original weight of the lure with treble hooks so as not to throw off the intended action of the lure.

Leader Material & Knots

We recommend using monofilament leader material when fishing topwater lures of any kind.

This applies to any topwater lure, not just the Chug Bug.

Anything from 20-30lb test will cover all inshore fishing scenarios.

The reason we recommend monofilament over fluorocarbon is that monofilament actually does not sink as fast as fluorocarbon leader.

Therefore, your line will not foul up into the hooks of your lure as easily as fluorocarbon will.

With most topwater lures, you do not have to worry about the fish seeing the leader as much.

Fish typically strike topwater lures from behind or from below and not from the side.

Another detail to note is loop knots work well with certain topwater lures and create additional action.

But it can sometimes lead to foul-ups and tangles.

In that case, you can go ahead and tie on your lure using a snug knot.

This can vary based on the conditions and situations you are in out on the water.

➡Get the Rattlin’ Chug Bug


There is nothing like a fish coming up and striking your topwater lure as it dances across the surface.

The water is warm and the fish are eager to strike topwater lures during twilight periods!

Be sure to head over to the online tackle shop and pick up all the topwater lures you need for summer!!

➡Get the Rattlin’ Chug Bug

Do you have any more questions about this timeless topwater lure?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Jason Schmidt
8 months ago

How do you attach the hooks when switching them out

Jason Rosado
8 months ago

That Chug bug is another legendary lure I love, It’s a beast at night under light around bridges and docks. Here’s a bonus, the Bass love’em too.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jason Rosado
Stephen Becker
8 months ago

Hey Pat, great video !! I happen to have a Chug Bug still in the package. Silver Mullet color. I also have some Owner single repacement hooks that are the 2/0 size. I know you suggested replacing the treble hooks with Mustad #2 hooks. Is there that much of a difference between the Owner 2/0, and the Mustad #2 that it would affect the balance of the Chug Bug ? Thanks

Hunter Nodae
8 months ago

I’ve gotta try these sometime, never have honestly.

David Nolen
8 months ago

I started out using the Chug Bug when I started seriously fishing inshore 5 years ago. I had not used one in the past few years and recently bought one based on your reports. I find it to be a great lure when the water is murky, when you need all of the commotion you can get to attract the fish. In calm, clear water, I still prefer the Moonwalker walk the dog type of lure. Thanks so much for the heads up!

Dennis La Beur
9 months ago

Hello Pat
I have been using the Chug Bug for years, first started using it when I lived upstate Pa. on the Susquehanna river for smallmouth worked great then and now that I,m in Florida for the last 40 years or so it still works great for all the salt water species. Happy to see others now how well the Bug works. Thanks for the review

Ray Markham
9 months ago

I’ve used the Rattlin’ Chug Bug for decades with good success. To my knowledge, there are three sizes, 2 1/2, 3 1/4, and 4 3/8-inch. I’ve used all three. The largest I’ve used for tarpon as well as big trout, redfish, snook, mackerel, bluefish, and others. I’ve don’t change out the hooks to single inlines but have also not had as many issues with missed strikes using the trebles. Damaging fish to the extreme of mortality has been less than 1%. Great lures.

Kenneth Whiting
9 months ago

Maybe a review of the Mirrolure popper? It’s the same length as the chug bug and comes in at 1/2 once and you can walk the dog with it maybe a comparison of when to throw one or the other. I use and love both lures and they both work well for a novice who doesn’t fish a hard bait very often.

Glen Hayes
9 months ago

I grew up using the chug-bug for largemouth, in ponds and lakes. You are spot on Pat, a great technique is to let the ripples settle, then pop it once or twice, let it settle again, then pop it once more. If nothing hits it by then, walk the dog back to you. At least that’s how it worked best with bass when I was growing up. Now I live on the Texas Coast, and I haven’t seen or heard of anyone using them for inshore species. Nice to know they work here also.

Ron Whetstone
9 months ago

Hey Pat. This has been a favorite lure of ours for a long time. My wife likes using it because it is easy to use and it catches fish. She has caught a number of big trout and reds on it over the years. It is my go to top water lure to tie on for people who don’t have much fishing or top water experience because they are so easy to fish. And again because they catch fish!


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