Cast Net Care: How to Make Your Cast Net Last Longer [VIDEO]

By: Luke Simonds on April 9, 2015
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how to care for your cast net

We received a lot of great feedback from the “How to Throw a Cast Net” video that we recently made, so we thought some “Cast Net Care” tips  would be very helpful to those who are willing to put in some extra time to make their nets last as long as possible.

Best of all, the proper cast net upkeep tasks are all fairly simple and do not take up much time, so we highly recommend utilizing them because it can significantly increase the time before you have to buy a replacement net (which often cost upwards of $100 for the big nets that many saltwater anglers chuck).

So here are the three hazards this video focuses on along with their remedy:

  1. Sunlight – keep covered
  2. Salt – rinse with fresh water after use and soak in a mixture of fresh water and fabric softener on occasion
  3. Tears/Rips – repair holes in your net as soon as possible

How To Take Care Of Your Cast Net [VIDEO]

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Being mindful of these three common causes of normal wear can help you get the most our of your cast net. Best of all, these three hazards can be minimized with just a little added time after your trip and by being mindful to keep it covered when out in the boat.

Also, we highly recommend that you store your net in a climate controlled place because garages and storage sheds can cause the mono to go brittle over time compared to being in a controlled environment… but be sure to soak in fabric softener to take away any dead fish smell.

Please leave a comment if you have any other tips for maintaining a cast net… hopefully, you can let us all know of a way to get a net unhung from structure as it seems to be the most common killer of nets.

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Capt Pete Rosko
2 years ago

Excellent cast net tutorial!

Ky. mike
3 years ago

I just watched your video on care for the cast net and well I have been looking for a good pair of wading boots or shoes and the ones you briefly showed to hold the cast net down really caught my eye. Any and all info you can give me about sizing = what socks to wear = where they work well or not so well… I do a lot of wade fishing in the surf and also in the back bays so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . anxious to hear back from you. and salt strong. I would prefer your comments via email…. thanks…

4 years ago

How do i repair the net with holes?

4 years ago

is there a good video on how to repair a torn cast net?

4 years ago

I have found that soaking with fabric softener is good unless you have a net that is taped. Fabric softener will cause the tape adhesive to dissolve if it soaks for a long time. Good videos.

5 years ago

Great video! Thank you! I always learn something new watching your videos. Keep em coming! I soak my wading shoes at the same time I soak my net. Good wading shoes aren’t cheap! The fabric softener works well keeping them from getting stiff as well as making them smell a little better.