Unbelievable Snook Catch (All Caught On Film!!)


What a wild ride!

You’ve got to see this incredible snook catch by Tony, one of our Salt Strong Fishing Coaches.

Here’s the quick back story…

Tony was out testing the new Slam Shady 2.0 to see how it compared to the original.

It was a cool February morning so he decided to hit some docks, and that’s when this beast decided to smash his lure.

The snook was holding tight to the dock pilings and definitely knew how to use them to her advantage…

Check out the amazing battle below.

Unbelievable Snook Catch [VIDEO]

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Such an incredible fight!

I love how Tony got out of his kayak just to have the snook wrap him around the docks a second time.

Have you ever had a battle like that?

It seems like most of the stories I hear about snook wrapping people around pilings never end well, but apparently Tony doesn’t buy into that narrative…

If you’re an Insider, click here to see Tony’s full Insider Report, including where he was, why he chose to fish there, and how the rest of the trip went.

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Michael Carducci
2 years ago

wow Tony…..awesome battle. My brother that lives and fishes up in Tarpon Springs has always said if your going after snook he beefs up to 30lb test and 40lb leader just so he can pull them away from the docks and mangroves. This video shows how strong the big snook are! A beginner like me probably would have lost that fish!

Joseph Lewis Falzone
3 years ago

That was one of the best Snook catches I’ve ever seen !
Awesome job Tony.

Gary Friedman
4 years ago

Nice job Tony.

Bill Graswich
4 years ago

Great job Tony! Really enjoyed the video: “The Young Man and the Sea”, except with this story the great fish lives. Proud of you, releasing that worthy fish to fight another day.

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago
Reply to  Bill Graswich

Thanks William!

Veda Wray
4 years ago

can you say commitment?????

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago
Reply to  Veda Wray

Wasn’t losing that fish! haha. I have lost too many nice fish to docks lately and wasn’t about to strike out again!

Robert Bigelow
4 years ago

Tony’s a fish catching ninja! Well done bro that could’ve gone wrong several different ways but staying super calm definitely help you out there. Awesome man!

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago
Reply to  Robert Bigelow

Thanks Robert! A whole lotta things could have gone wrong haha. Kayak could have drifted away, fish break off, cut my foot on something, sink into the mud, kick a stingray, hit my head on the dock, the list goes on……

Dave Morales
4 years ago

Awesome job Tony…. it’s amazing you landed the snook…coolest footage, I’ve watched several times, this is one for the books.

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago
Reply to  Dave Morales

Thank you Dave!

Tim Benson
4 years ago

You handled that perfectly Tony. I can’t believe you got it on film!! Congrats!

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago
Reply to  Tim Benson

Thanks Tim! Always have the camera when fishing. That spot looked super fishy so I just happened to turn it on before the cast. Love it when that happens!

Joseph Brumley
4 years ago

Might just be the best fish fighting video I have ever seen. Great job Tony!

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Brumley

Thanks Joseph!

Brian Cunningham
4 years ago

wish we had Snook in the Galveston Bay Complex ! Awesome video, power of braid against the pier pilings .

Tony Acevedo
4 years ago

Thanks Brian!


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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