Trolling For Trout: How To Catch Boatloads Of Trout In Idle Zones!!!


It’s trolling time!

And I’m not talking about offshore trolling for mackerel or tuna…

I’m not talking about trolling inshore waters for speckled trout!

Most people don’t troll inshore, but it’s actually a really fun (and effective) way to fish.

Here’s why:

  1. If you’re passing through an idle zone, you might as well have a line out
  2. A small trout feels like a monster when you’re trolling
  3. It’s a great way to beat the heat and get a breeze going
  4. There can be tons of action

In this short podcast, we caught four species, including several trout, and we were getting bites almost nonstop.

This style of fishing is great if you just want tight lines, if you’re taking family and friends out, or if you’re waiting for the tide to turn.

However, even though this is an effective way of fishing for many reasons, we’ve learned some lessons through trial and error that you’ll want to avoid.

Listen to this podcast to learn:

  • The best types of spots to troll for trout (including depth and how fast to troll)
  • The exact equipment you’ll need (including braid, leader, jig heads, and lures)
  • What not to do when handling fish
  • The surprising key component that can make or break your trolling run
  • And much more

I recommend watching the video below to see all of the action, but you can also listen to the audio by clicking the play button under the video, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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Trolling For Trout [VIDEO]

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Trolling For Trout [PODCAST]

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One thing that Luke mentioned in the podcast is that he uses his phone to navigate and find out where the edges of the flats are.

Check out this video to learn how to use your phone to find good fishing spots and navigate shallow water safely.


winter trout inshore slam

What a fun way to fish!

It seemed like every time we put a line out there we were getting bites fast, and even though the fish weren’t huge, the moving boat made them feel like monsters.

This is a great way to fish if you want tight lines, want to put friends and family on fish, or are just waiting for the tide to turn.

All you have to do is put a Slam Shady or other paddletail on a jig head, cast it out, and hold on!

Have you ever trolled for trout?

Have any questions about trolling for trout?

Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you have any captains you’d like us to go out with, or have any requests for species, types of spots, or states to fish in for these live podcasts, leave those in the comments, too.

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John Dooley
1 year ago

I like the No Edit effect. It adds a level of realism.

Joe Rodriguez
3 years ago

I like these videos because it helps to see how it really is. Sometimes we the viewers might get the false perception that experts catch 24/7 every day, every other cast, quality fish and not necessarily the case. It helps especially on the days when the bite it tough to understand to keep going and not get discouraged.

Mt Davis
3 years ago

What size hooks are you using?

3 years ago

what size hooks are using with your slams?

Jonathan Morgan
3 years ago

Y’all may have addressed this earlier, or in the video, but how fast were y’all trolling?

clint Bowers
3 years ago

It seems like this could work for Spanish Mackeral. Has anyone had luck with that?

John Dooley
1 year ago
Reply to  clint Bowers

This past Saturday I drafted in Tampa Bay and caught Spanish Mackerel.

Dennis Gregoris
3 years ago

I’m surprised I thought everyone did this. I’ve been trolling between spots for 45 years. I’ve been in Florida for 5 years, kayak fishing. The one thing for sure, if you don’t have a line in, you can’t catch anything. I go up to 4 miles to spots, peddling is great, I can peddle all day at 2.3 + or – and I usually get more numbers trolling to and from, than I do throwing soft plastic. Of course the fish I’m throwing for are reds and Snook. Often I stop trolling because it takes to long to get where I’m going, takes time to catch and release 20 trout and lady fish.I now have a skinny boat, I catch more fish from kayak. Getting old, don’t know how much longer I can kayak, had to get a boat, don’t plan on stopping fishing as long as I’m upright.

Everett Kimball
3 years ago

I tried this trolling at Crystal River Fl. Left Pete’s Pier and started trolling, in a few minutes I caught a nice Catfish, then later I caught another one. Got more bits. Was really surprised I caught catfish but was fun. I will definitely will start trolling in no wake zones. Thanks for the tip.

Sam Craparo
3 years ago

I’m 65 and when I was little commercial trout fisherman would troll with about eight cane poles behind a small outboard motor boat. I would also troll behind a canoe with a trolling motor to my spots. Kinda feels like am cheating but hat the hell.

Curtis Miller
3 years ago

Great PodCast… I’ve often wondered if trolling behind boat or paddle board when moving between locations would produce and what equipment to use, now I know 😉 Thanks guys

Luke Simonds
3 years ago
Reply to  Curtis Miller

Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment Curtis!


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