Weekly Newsletter: 3-1-20

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Happy March, Salt Strong Nation!

You know what this means… it’s almost spring!

As the days get longer and we get through these last few cold fronts, the fish will be heading out of the back bays and creeks towards their summer homes.

So for now, pay close attention to the weather when you’re planning your fishing trips.

Has it been warm for a few days?

Then the fish might be starting to get into their springtime spots and routines and heading out towards the mouths of creeks and rivers.

Or has a cold front just pushed through?

Then stick with targeting warmer water in the back bays and deeper water around docks and canals.

And to help you catch a ton of fish this week, we’ve got some excellent tips below, such as how to troll for trout, Spanish mackerel tips, and how to find redfish spots.


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P.P.S. Shoutout to Cherlyn and Lewis for the massive snook pictured above!

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