How To Fish Docks In Heavy Current (For Big Predator Fish)


Here’s a question we recently got from one of our members:

“What’s the best way to fish docks when there’s high current?”

That’s a good question!

Although fish like current because it brings them food, they don’t like to be directly in the current because it costs a lot of energy to hold their position, not to mention chase down a meal.

So in this video you’ll learn:

  • How to pick docks that are most likely to hold fish (and which docks to avoid)
  • An unconventional way of fishing artificial lures that can catch a ton of fish
  • How to position your boat to maximize your chances of catching fish
  • And much more

Check it out below.

How To Fish Docks In Strong Current [VIDEO]

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Here’s the main idea when it comes to fishing docks in heavy current: fish are lazy so they need somewhere to hide from the current.

If possible, I’d actually avoid docks getting hit directly by strong current, but find docks that near it, yet protected by a point, cove, or other type of structure.

If you can’t find a protected dock, look for docks that are more compact and have pilings close together.

This will help block the current and give the fish somewhere to wait in ambush.

But if you have to fish a dock in heavy current, be sure to use heavier tackle.

For example, if you’re fishing a dock in 4-5 feet of water, instead of using a 1/8 or 1/4 oz jig head like you normally would, go up to a 1/2 or even 1 oz jig head.

Also, since heavy jig heads don’t skip well, you might want to look for docks that are higher above the water so that you can pitch your lure under them.

As far as actually finding fish under docks, the side of the dock that is down current will have more protection from the current, so that’s where most of the fish will be.

If you’re using artificial lures, the best way to position your boat is to anchor down current, then cast your lure up current and under the dock, then retrieve it down with the current.

This way it’s moving in the same direction as all of the other baitfish that the predators are looking to eat.

Now one unconventional thing you can do is work your lure like live bait.

If the current is strong you can position your boat up current and let your lure drift down current through the strike zone, twitching it occasionally.


fat snook under dock

If you’re fishing docks in heavy current, look for docks that are protected by coves or points, or look for compact docks with pilings close together to provide more cover from the current.

Have any questions about dock fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

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