Salt Strong Unsinkable Hats & Hoodies (And The Red Hat Is Back!)


Big news!

The world-famous unsinkable hats are BACK!

We have the red hat in stock for our Insider members only.

But the charcoal unsinkable hat can be enjoyed by all.

Our unsinkable hats are the perfect match for our Salt Strong Fishing Club shirts too!

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A lot of hats can float but our unsinkable hats are proven not to sink! (See the video in the link below for a fun demo)

➡ Click here to get the Charcoal Unsinkable Hat

It’s lightweight, breathable, fast-drying, and adjustable to fit even the largest of heads.

And the best part is that they match perfectly with our new Salt Strong Fishing Club shirts and hoodies!

➡ Click here to get the Salt Strong Fishing Club Hoodie

Our performance shirts come with 55+ UPF to protect you from the sun and the hood will help you catch more fish.

That’s right…

The hood helps cut glare from the water so you can see the fish when you’re sight fishing.

But if you don’t like a hood, we have long-sleeved performance shirts without the hood too.

➡ Click here to get the Salt Strong Fishing Club Long-Sleeve

Our Salt Strong team wears all of these as a uniform so come be part of the team!

Grab yours today, while supplies last!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or ideas for new apparel.

P.S. If you’re an Insider member, make sure you order your red hat before they are gone!

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Keith Beaulieu
6 months ago

Will these hats be available in other colors at anytime? Have the charcoal one and love it.

7 months ago

Just a note to all. I have been under going skin cancer treatment at Mayo Clinic for a small sore on my scalp since 11/2020. It has entailed the remove of a large area on my right scalp as well as a large skin graft and vein from my left arm, as well as 30 days of radiation. At age 72 this has not been fun and has stopped me from fishing until I heal.
I never wore a hoodie, a hat or sun screen while fishing.
Salt Strong Insiders and others PLEASE buy a hoodie and cover your head

Brian Peralsky
7 months ago

I second that.. My wife works in the HEMOC unit at Mayo Clinic. Cancer is nothing to be messed with!

Kumar Sukhdeo
7 months ago

I third this! I’m a dermatologist in the area and treat skin cancers all day. Please protect yourselves!

Bill Poletti
7 months ago

In complete agreement. Skin grafts, chemo and radiation are brutal. I’ve dodged the bullet, but know too many that have had cancer. Still more susceptible to sunburn due to burn scar tissue and fair complexion. For me it’s sunscreen and protective clothing or it’s a no go. Glad there are not protective hoodies and gators.

Wearing a hat is a great start. Wearing a Salt Strong hat is a better start.

Steven Rackas
7 months ago

Design some nice fishing shorts Joe. Really pay attention to detail on how it is designed and constructed. Stitch the logo on the back. You guys would make a ton!

Clinton Dobbins
7 months ago

Just picked up the hoodie, love that it isn’t just screen printed on UFP material (if anyone has had cheaper sun shirts they know how bad printing can look after a couple of months). I thought hoodies in the sun were really goofy when I moved to FL, but it’s so much better than slathering on sunscreen all day! Are you guys thinking about offering the hats in other colors… guessing a bunch of folks would jump at the chance to get favorite/team colors?

Mark Johnson
7 months ago

Any chance of coming out with a bucket style hat that would help protect the ears?

Neal H.
7 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

…if the bucket hat didn’t sell well…
Perhaps another style hat that protects the ears and possibly the neck?
An insider member survey might help with this!
And also a survey for the next additional color UNSINKABLE HAT – of which I have both colors! I’m thinking Chartruse! Highly Visable and better sun deflection.
You Guys are Great! Keep up your curiosity, testing, support and, of course, Your LOVE of Fishing!

Steven Rackas
7 months ago

Joe, I went to the tackle shop page and bought one just now. The picture you have displayed looks like Luke is about to go and rob a bank.


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