The Truth About Brown Algae: Florida’s Brown Tide Invasion

Brown tide.

If you haven’t been over to the Indian River Lagoon area over on the east coast of Florida, then you might not know just how bad the “brown tide” is getting.

It’s the same brown algae that spawned the massive fish kill back in 2016… and it’s back.

And it doesn’t just kill off fish, it has the ability to literally suck all of the oxygen out of the water which kills seagrass, crustaceans, and every living thing in its path.

If you missed the 2016 fish kill, here are a few pics just to give you an idea of how bad it was.

Dead fish as far as the eye can see. Image source: CNN and Alex Gorichky
Dead sheepshead stacked in a canal. Image source: WPTV
An assortment of dead inshore fish in the Indian River Lagoon from 2016. Image source – Brevard Times

The only good news is that there hasn’t been a massive fish kill from this most recent explosion of brown algae in the Indian River, Banana River, or Mosquito Lagoon areas yet.

But there has been an awful lot of confusion to what is causing this brown tide.

We’ve seen posts of people blaming everything from “Big Sugar” to pesticides to global warming…

So we brought on local expert Capt. Alex Gorichky of Local Lines Charters to discuss this dangerous water issue and clarify the real causes (along with some solutions).

In this episode, Capt. Alex Gorichky distills the real facts about what’s going on with the water issues.

Listen below.

Brown Algae Threats With Capt. Alex Gorichky

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Capt. Alex said it perfectly…

The first step in fixing the brown algae issue is education.

Because as much as we all want to point fingers, this issue will only get fixed if we understand the underlying issues and get involved.

Even doing simple things such as never using nitrogen-rich fertilization, making sure the yard people we hire are using safe fertilization, and making sure our vehicles and boats aren’t leaking out any contaminants into the streets and water systems.

And make sure to check out all new updates here on the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition page.

Check out Capt. Alex at his Local Lines Charters site here.

Any questions?

Let us know in the comments.

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Richard Devereaux
5 years ago
Shannon McNally
5 years ago

Thanks for the pod cast!

Bruce Somers
5 years ago

Sad but true. I went over to the Jensen Beach Causeway early this morning to fish and upon arrival spotted a couple of dozen large DEAD pompano laying on the bottom near the west relief bridge. Joe and Capt Alex thank you for your understanding , efforts to correct and communications on the subject.

Richard Devereaux
5 years ago

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and the Republican Party in Tallahassee have been pro-development/pro-growth to the detriment of its natural resources.

David Stoots
5 years ago

I think there is enough blame to go around without getting partisan about it. It all starts with “me”.

5 years ago
Reply to  David Stoots
Richard Devereaux
5 years ago

A disgusting and gross “cesspool” thanks to over-development, greed, and lack of local, state and federal regulation – for many years past.

Todd Hansen
5 years ago

Alex , great information and Salt Strong Thanks for having these great discussions with knowledgeable people . Proud to be Salt Strong and thankful for people like Alex.????????????

5 years ago

Capt. Alex is a great advocate and we need to make sure that his voice and others continues to get heard.


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