Weekly Newsletter: 5-30-21

It’s newsletter time!

Do you know the difference between a jerk bait and a crankbait?

Did you know there is a bass lure that inshore fish can’t resist?

And did you know that a piece of rubber band can save your live bait?

See these tips in this week’s newsletter, plus:

  • Knot strength contest results (uni knot vs. clinch knot)
  • How the 90/10 rule can help you quickly find (and catch) more fish
  • Our favorite wading belt on the market right now
  • A review of the very affordable (yet still quality) Daiwa Legalis reel
  • How to use the new FWC fishing pier finder

Check out these tips and more in the newsletter below!

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Uni Knot Vs. Clinch Knot (The Ultimate Fishing Knot Strength Test)

Do you use both the uni knot and the clinch knot for mono, flouro, and braid? One knot definitely outperforms the other and you won't...
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Wade Fishing Belt Review: Foreverlast G2 Wading Belt

Do you struggle keeping all of your gear organized while wade fishing? This fishing belt was made for wading and the best part is...
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Daiwa Legalis LT Reel Review (Pros, Cons, & Who It’s For)

Are you looking for a lightweight, durable, and very affordable inshore spinning reel? The Daiwa Legalis LT starts at just under...
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How To Use A Frog Lure To Catch Snook, Trout, & Redfish

Have you used bass lures to catch saltwater fish? A bullfrog lure is deadly to big bass but it can also catch snook, trout, and even...
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How To Keep Your Live Bait In Place With This Simple Hack

Do you find that your live bait is dying quickly or you're missing hook sets frequently? It may be that your bait is getting re-hooked but...
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New Florida Fishing Pier Finder (FWC’s New Tool)

Have you had trouble finding a pier or jetty to fish from in Florida? The new FWC fishing pier finder gives you exact directions and even...
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Swimbait, Crankbait, Jerkbait, & Twitchbait (What’s The Difference?)

Are you confused on when and how to use all of the different types of artificial lures? There are so many to choose from, but if you...
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The $3.97 Gift That Changed Our Marriage (How I Fell In Love All Over Again)

Here's the true story of how I recently fell in love with my wife again (from a $3.97 gift). For all you married couples, this a must-listen
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Targeting Redfish on Super Windy Days [Insider Report]

20 MPH winds and stormy skies are usually enough to keep most folks off the water, and for those who do brave the conditions, catching...
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Redfish Sight Fishing Tactics and Spots [Insider Report]

On this trip report we will be discussing some tips for locating and sight fishing to redfish in the summer. Quick Details: Craft: Hobie Outback...
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Salt Strong Unsinkable Hats & Hoodies (And The Red Hat Is Back!)

Do you want to look and feel like you are on the Salt Strong team? Pick up one of our unsinkable hats or a fishing club shirt while you...
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The Memorial Day Fishing Game Plan Lesson

See some tricks to catching a lot of great fish on holidays with high traffic in this latest Game Plan for Memorial Day Weekend.
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The 90/10 Fishing Rule (3 Case Studies On Finding Fish Faster)

Are you tired of wasting time trying to find fish? What if I told you that you can predict exactly where the fish will be based on...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 5-27-21 [Open Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:01:11 –Wyatt, Orange County Texas spot Dissection...
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Wind vs. No Wind? Picking Summer Inshore Spots [Spot Dissection – St. George Island, FL]

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing tips for picking summer time spots based on the wind. The area shown as an example...
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