Wade Fishing Belt Review: Foreverlast G2 Wading Belt


It’s wade fishing time!

Wade fishing is an easy way to get out on the water without a ton of preparation or clean-up.

And having the right equipment can make it even easier!

So in this video, you’ll learn about all of the features of the Foreverlast G2 wade fishing belt and why it’s a great tool to keep with you at all times.

Check it out below!

Best Wade Fishing Belt [VIDEO]

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This belt is by far one of my favorite pieces of wade fishing equipment.

You can store it in your car for a quick trip before or after work.

The ForEverLast G2 wade fishing belt keeps everything organized and the layout of the belt is very efficient.

You can really tell this was designed by a fisherman!

Here are all of the great features of this belt:

  • Velcro lift and lock system
  • Removeable tackle box pouch
  • Tackle box (I upgraded mine to the Plano 3600 Waterproof Tackle Box)
  • Pliers with sheath
  • Rod holder
  • Stringer
  • Water bottle holder
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Lumbar support system

The best part is that you can modify and customize the Foreverlast G2 wade fishing belt to make it your own.

Personalizing the belt so that the placement of gear is comfortable for you is really important and the velcro system allows you to do just that.

With an affordable price point and tons of great features, this belt will soon be your new favorite tool on the water.


best wade fishing belt

The ForEverLast G2 wade fishing belt allows you to keep all of the essentials with you at all times.

But you can also add all of the bells and whistles if you choose!

And you can get the Foreverlast G2 wade fishing belt here.

Have you used this fishing belt?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Jerry wayne West
2 years ago

Here is a strong tip: use a medium/large zip tie and secure the rod holders fast to the belt……the elastic sleeves are just not strong enough….tight lines

William Oliver
2 years ago

I have used that belt for about 10 years. For Everlasting has great wading boots, too. Good idea to use a waterproof tackle tray. I went to a chest pack because of how often I am more than waist deep. But I always have the belt.

2 years ago

I use a Hookset wade Fishing belt and love it. However, I’ve been thinking about upgrading to the WadeRight belt system to have some rod holding and other options. https://www.hooksetgear.com/store/hookset-pro-series-wading-belt/c76a90b2-b005-45a4-9a4d-fb0bafecf32e?category=wading%20gear


Also, about the pliers you mentioned. I’m about to upgrade to some landers since they are local to me. Straight out of Texas City.

Steve Rackas
2 years ago

I was looking for something like this. After watching this video I went onto Amazon and bought it. Wyatt, why not look at having Salt Strong build something like this themselves and selling it? There are not a lot of good options for this type of product out on the market. You could take Wader Dave, you and some of the more advanced wading anglers and build a prototype.

John Frymier
2 years ago

I use an Orvis sling pack. It’s a great way to hold a large net.

Frank Ashby
2 years ago

Goood Morning, Gents.

I would assume that your team has come upon with some great ideas on fishing shoe designs or could provide atom solid recommendations on something already on the market. These are boat shoes vs. wading and I’d like to order one or two par to evaluate. Can you assist?

scott curet
2 years ago

I use the exact same belt, but I upgraded to a floating fishing basket instead of using the stringer.

A.J. Castro
2 years ago

I use this belt too. It has a few D rings around that I clip the fish grips and my floating trout net as well. It has an easy release spot for a stringer too.
Ps. The OG pliers definitely rust shut way worse than the aluminum ones however, a little WD-40 and they are like butter again

Mark Ethridge
2 years ago

Purchase link clicked. This will come in handy since I don’t own a boat or kayak.

Lou Troester
2 years ago

I have seen a number of articles on wading, jetty fishing, and surf fishing, but almost never any mention of life jackets. There are some slick units out there some self inflating. There is a significant number of fishers who wade, walk the jetty or fish the surf and don’t come back…. The belt is nice but missing the set of self inflating suspenders / life jacket style! Floating back in face down at next high tide really ruins a good day fishing!


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