#1 Mistake Wade Fishermen Make (That’s Costing Them Fish!)


What’s the biggest mistake most wade fishermen make that causes them to miss out on fish?

Is it fishing in the wrong spot?

Using the wrong lure?

Fishing at the wrong time?

Those are all common mistakes, but I’d argue there’s one that’s even bigger than those…

See what it is (and how to fix it!) in the video below.

#1 Mistake Wade Fishermen Make [VIDEO]

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The biggest mistake that wading anglers make is approaching the fish from the wrong angle.

When you’re wading in the water, you’ve got a lot of smells on you and you’re kicking up a bunch of sediment.

If the fish are downwind or down current of you, then those smells and kicked up sediment are going to warn them that something unnatural is approaching and they should watch out.

On the other hand, if you’re downwind or down current of the fish, they’ll probably have no idea you’re there.

This will make catching them much easier.

For a visual on this, check out the two pictures below:

The Right Way To Approach A Spot When Wading

right way to approach a spot when wade fishing

As you can see here, the fish are up current and upwind of me (I’m just below the target zone), and the wind and current are pushing my mud wake and smell behind me, away from the fish.

The Wrong Way To Approach A Spot When Wading

wrong way to approach a spot when wade fishing

In this picture, you can see I’d be in the wrong spot because the current and wind would blow my smell and sediment right to the fish, giving away my location and putting them on high alert.


If you want to catch more fish while wading, then approach them from down current and downwind.

This will decrease the odds that they know you’re there, which increases the odds you’ll catch them.

Have any questions about wade fishing?

Or any other wading mistakes?

Let me know down in the comments below.

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Matthew Broome
2 years ago

So off topic question, how is the GoPro attached to your hat? I have the band that goes around my head and the chest mount but never seen it done like the way you have it.

Bertha Perez
3 years ago

what tackle you recommend to bring w/you when wade fishing?

3 years ago
Reply to  Bertha Perez

I lived in Houston and wade-fished coastal Texas from ’88 to ’96. I typically carried a pocket sized box with my favorite plastics, a tail-weighted topwater (easy to cast and easy to work in a light chop) and a weedless spoon. While they have faded in popularity over time, a nice weedless spoon will cast like a bullet and is something to consider switching to if you are wading your way “home” into the wind.

Kaleb Savant
3 years ago

Makes a lot of sense but, wouldn’t you then be casting into the wind?

Mark Tauscher
3 years ago

just like hunting

Tom Findlay
3 years ago

Saw you guys out checking the crab trap buoys for triple tails yesterday. We were doing the same thing. We didn’t find any, did you? 

Tom Findlay

Andy Benedict
3 years ago

Thanks Wyatt! Great tips!

Jerry Dexter
3 years ago

Yes , good tip!

3 years ago

Exactly. I knew a guy that would make his first cast while not even in the water. I have tried it ( your cast has to reach the hole obviously). I have caught so many first cast keepers this way i cant tell you. Also watch for your shadow– thats another thing if you are up on them tight.

Barry A
3 years ago

You make some great points.I fish in New England, many years ago I learned while striped bass fishing that even before you get your waders wet make a few casts. Sometimes the fish are in the shallows at your feet and you actually spook fish that are nearby.

3 years ago

Contrarian here. Speed of sound in water approaches 1500 meters/second. The impact of currents in Texas bays on sound is likely indeterminable (a couple of inches?) particularly relative to the length of a cast.

Turbidity is more of a potential issue, but that depends on how fast you wade or whether you are standing still.

The biggest factor in wade fishing is usually covering ground…the longer you can cast, the more area you can cover, and the more visually stealthy you can be. And the biggest factor affecting that; especially as you move south along the Texas coast; is WIND. It’s a BIG deal.

Going to sneak up on a hole? Sure try to approach from down current. Wading a shoreline or a flat? Try to cast downwind or across wind and cover as much area as possible from as far as possible.


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