Weekly Newsletter: 1-31-21

It’s Newsletter time!

Is your fishing reel actually made for saltwater?

Are you making this common wade fishing mistake (that nearly all anglers make)?

And do you know the best way to rig live shrimp weedless?

We’ve got a great newsletter for you here with these tips, plus:

  • How to fillet a trout (and get rid of the skin and bones)
  • How to catch more fish while wading in Texas
  • Sheepshead tips while fishing from shore
  • How to quickly learn a new fishing spot (even if you moved halfway across the country)
  • And much more

Check out these tips and more in the Newsletter below!

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My 1st Day Trout Fishing In Texas (Results & Lessons Learned)

When was the last time you had to learn a totally new fishery? See how to catch trout and redfish in a new spot quickly (without having to...
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Is Your Spinning Reel Really Made For Saltwater? Find Out…

You'd be surprised at how many "saltwater spinning reels" aren't actually made for saltwater. See what makes a fishing reel good for...
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How To Fish Docks With Live Shrimp Rigged Weedless

Want to catch more fish under docks with shrimp? Getting snagged when fishing docks is a common problem, but if you Texas rig them, then...
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#1 Mistake Wade Fishermen Make (That’s Costing Them Fish!)

Are you making this wade fishing mistake? It's not using the wrong lure or being in the wrong spot. Although those are problems, it's...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Jan 29th to 31st]

See the detailed game plan to use for catching quality fish this coming weekend based on the latest feeding trends and the upcoming weather.
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Saltwater Assassin Pro Elite Jig Heads [NEW Jig Heads In Stock!]

Looking for new jig heads to try? These Saltwater Assassin Pro Elite jig heads are great for fishing shallow flats because their...
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Using Winter Weather Patterns to Predict Feeding Zones (Sunset Beach, NC – Spot Dissection)

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing how to find wintertime feeding zones using knowledge of pre/post front behavior!! This specific area request...
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Fishing for Sheepshead From Shore [On The Water Lesson]

It’s Sheepshead time! In this video you will see a full sheepshead fishing trip that can help you get on some fish wherever you may...
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How To Fillet A Speckled Trout (Step By Step Tutorial)

Want to learn how to fillet a trout while also removing the skin and bones? See these quick and easy tutorial for delicious trout fillets.
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [1-28-21]

We had another great Inner Circle call this week! Some good news and bad news. The bad news is this is our final weekly Inner...
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Advice To My 2020 Self (Pitfalls, Mistakes, Alcohol, & More…)

If I could go back to January of 2020 (knowing what I know now), here's what I would have told myself...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Jeff Carrillo

When the pressure is on and you have friends and family relying on you to put them on fish, what do you do? Check out the story of this angler...
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Don’t Settle For A Watered Down Version Of Your Dreams…

Are you exactly where you dreamed you'd be in life right now? If not, then listen in... this is a hard-hitting one...
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