Saltwater Assassin Pro Elite Jig Heads [NEW Jig Heads In Stock!]


It’s jig head time!

The Saltwater Assassin Pro Elite jig heads are some of my favorite jig heads to use when fishing inshore.

Whether I’m bouncing a Gulp shrimp on the bottom or jigging a Swimmin’ Mullet for juvenile tarpon, I always have a few packs of these onboard.

We finally got them in our store and in this video, you’ll learn:

  • What the best colors of these jig heads are (and when to use them)
  • Why these are better than most other jig heads at avoiding snags
  • My favorite lures to use with them (and which lures to avoid)

Check out the below!

Saltwater Assassin Pro Elite Jig Heads [VIDEO]

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Here’s where you can get these jig heads:

And here are some of my favorite lures to use with them:

Tight lines!

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Ray Markham
9 months ago

These are very good jigheads. The line entry to the eye of the hook provides a smooth area that will allow the lure to slide over many obstructions without getting snagged. I’ve used them for years.

Brian Jackson
3 years ago

Tony, I noticed you tied what looks like a loop/rapala knot in the end of that jig. Any particular reason as I’ve only ever seen that on topwater.

My guess was to help the vibration and movement of the lure?



Ray Markham
9 months ago
Reply to  Brian Jackson

Your guess is spot on, Brian. It gives the jig or lure the most freedom of movement allowing it maximum action.

Clifton Tarrant
3 years ago

I’ve always had trouble with most of my soft plastics including gulps getting worn out and sliding down the neck of the jig head pretty quickly with most of the jig heads I’ve tried. I recently ended up switching to a jig head that has a little spring at the neck of the head so you actually thread the lure on that work pretty well so my question is do you find that this style of barbed jig head work pretty well at holding the lure on for a decent amount of casts without the lure sliding down and staying in place? The video was awesome Tony especially seeing the demonstrations under water, thank you!

Ray Markham
9 months ago

It’s a common problem with some soft plastics. All baits vary in the durometer reading of the plastic, a number that relates to the hardness or softness, and ultimately the toughness of the plastic. Softer baits are more prone to tearing but likely have more action. Jig heads with the barbs on the inside of the bend of the shank that holds the bait on the hook can actually tear the bait more quickly once a fish hits it because the fish’s mouth is inside the bend of the hook where it wears on the plastic. I have found that several cone-shaped concentric rings situated on the hook shank that have the widest part of the ring facing toward the eye of the hook seem to hold plastics best with minimal tearing. The hooks that have the coiled spring on the shank probably hold plastic the best but are a bit more time-consuming to put on and for me, somewhat of a pain, additionally some manufacturers have the coils as right-handed and some left-handed like threaded nuts or bolts are.

Randy green
3 years ago

Anyone have any luck bass fishing with the slam shady plastics? Thanks

Mark McKinney
3 years ago

I’ve used them before. They’re good jig heads. On the same line as Slayer to me!!!

Ken Willcoxon
3 years ago

Thanks for the info on the jigheads Tony. You are awesome brother.

Larry Fox
3 years ago

Nice tips, Tony.
“Out of stock” already?

Gerald Williams
3 years ago

Do you have any power prons .

Lee Myers
3 years ago

Great video dude! Any tips on types of areas and times of year to focus on for juvenile tarpon?

Shane Wilson
3 years ago

Thanks, Tony for this informative video. I am wondering why you hooked the shrimp with the white side up? Baitfish have the white on the belly not the back. Is this technique a personal preference or do you have scientific support that shows the white on top gets more bites?


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