My 1st Day Trout Fishing In Texas (Results & Lessons Learned)


Moving to a brand new spot and having to learn a new fishery can be both exciting and a little scary.

But luckily for us, we get to watch Salt Strong Fishing Coach Wyatt on this exact journey!

He just moved to Texas from North Carolina the day before this podcast was recorded and we discussed his first-ever fishing trip.

He went out wade fishing for trout and redfish and actually had a really successful day, even though he had never wet a line in Texas before.

So how did he do it?

And how can you learn new areas quickly, too?

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this podcast.

Here’s a little preview of what we covered:

  • How he fished the same type of spot in Texas and North Carolina (even though it looked different)
  • What types of areas to look for when wade fishing
  • Which lures work for redfish and trout in both Texas and North Carolina
  • Why fishing in new areas is more similar than it is different (and what those similarities and differences are)
  • And much more

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First Day Trout Fishing In Texas [VIDEO]

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First Day Trout Fishing In Texas [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from my conversation with Wyatt about him fishing in Texas for the very first time:

0:29 – How Wyatt became a Salt Strong Fishing Coach (even though he started out living in Tennessee)

3:22 – What the 3 Bs are (and how Wyatt used them to catch fish)

5:04 – How he planned out his first Texas fishing trip and what he looked for

7:24 – His favorite way to view online satellite maps to plan his trips

8:51 – What to look for when planning your trip

12:41 – How to find launch sites for kayak fishing

14:35  – How to read the tides and wind to catch more fish

19:39 – What lures Wyatt used

22:48 – How to rig lures when wading grass flats

24:02 – How deep to fish when wading in the winter

28:15 – Wyatt’s Texas Trout Takeover plan


yo-zuri 3d inshore pencil redfish

I’m pumped to watch Wyatt on this journey!

Already he’s proving one big thing that most anglers overlook: inshore fishing in different areas is more similar than it is different.

He used the same equipment and lures, and he even fished the same type of spot in Texas as he did just last week in North Carolina.

Have any questions about fishing a new spot?

Or any requests for podcast topics?

Let us know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who’s struggling to figure out a new spot, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Joe Narcy
2 years ago

Hey Joe and Wyatt,
I am so glad I joined Salt Strong great info great topics. Thank you
My one ask would be for ya’ll to actually say what month your in.

Thanks again guys. Awesome club

William Clarkson
3 years ago

I live in Refugio which is about 45 miles north east of Corpus Christi. If you have some time and can help me on a few spots that you have found since you got here. I am trying to get my sons back to fishing like they used to and now my grandsons when they come down. Oh as for me i a 71 and not as full of spunk like you young fellas, so maybe a little help in that department too. Have a great day and i am kinda figuring this out, you were not born here but you did get here as soon as you could. Welcvome to Texas.

Bill Clarkson

David Hagler
3 years ago

So, I realize I am in the distinct minority here (as a former Winter Haven boy who ended up in Annapolis), but you mention that NC folks might get a new coach, just wondering if you have anyone in the pipeline to help us in the Chesapeake Bay area? I had asked in the past if someone could do a spot dissection of somewhere near Annapolis (Cheaspeake Bay Bridge, not the bridge tunnel down south, that is very close to the atlantic). We have a bit of a unique situation in the bay. We are brackish water, not close to an inlet. Would love to hear from an expert on how to target Striped bass here in the bay. Was hoping Saltstrong would team up with like Shawn Kimbro.

Mel Crissey
3 years ago

We’re grateful to have Wyatt here in Texas providing information on how to be more successful in fishing these waters.
Wyatt wasn’t born in Texas but “got here as fast as he could.” I know those waters that he fished for this report.

Mel Crissey

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Mel Crissey

Aint that the truth! I’m so happy to be here, but I wish I could have gotten here sooner!!

Charles Poindexter
3 years ago

Do you send reports on the Florida gulf coast fishing. Everything I see is in Texas.

Luke Simonds
3 years ago

Hey Charles, we have a lot of reports from the Florida Gulf coast because that’s where we have the largest concentration of members.

For example, the entire coastline of Florida (Gulp & Atlantic) have report pins all over the place in the Insider Community map:

Texas is growing very quickly too.

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago

Hey Charles! We absolutely do cover the Gulf coast and have thousands of reports from members, and many from our coaches in the area as well. Once you join as an Insider, you’ll be able to view them on the map at the link Luke posted.

Last edited 3 years ago by Wyatt Parcel
Paul Besse
3 years ago

Welcome to Texas and Corpus, Wyatt! Hope to see you on the water! Also check out some of the fishing groups on Facebook if you’re interested. Lots of ways to get on fish down here. Reach out if you need anything!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Paul Besse

Thanks for the warm welcome Paul!! So happy to be here!

Dustin Kinnamon
3 years ago

Hey Wyatt, welcome to Texas!
Have you done a video breakdown on how you selected your fishing ground?
Looking forward to seeing spot decisions down here!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago

Thank you Dustin! I’ve actually made two reports here in Corpus so far with another on the way this evening! Here’s the two I’ve published to date:

Winter Flats Fishing Trends (TX Wade Fishing Insider Report)

Winter Wade Fishing For Redfish & Speckled Trout (TX Insider Report) (the trip discussed in this podcast)

Mike Culpepper
3 years ago

Wyatt, howdy and welcome to gods country. I hope you’ll enjoy it here. I’ve fished from Sabine lake to south padre island and i think you’ll do well.

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike Culpepper

Thanks for the warm welcome Mike!! I’ll have to make a trip down soon!

Alex Shugart
3 years ago

Welcome to Texas Wyatt. I see you making your way down where I’m at on Baffin Bay, and then further down to Port Mansfield. Excellent fishing all the way down!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Alex Shugart

I’m definitley headed down to the Baffin area soon! Thanks for the warm welcome Alex!!

Roland Puentes
3 years ago

Welcome to Tx Wyatt,
I just became a member less than 2 months ago. From Killeen, Fort Hood area catching fresh water Hybrids/Stripers here at our Central Tx local lakes. 4 1/2 hour drive to Corpus for me to learn/catch red fish and trout. Ordered a couple of paks of 4″ Diesels and waded on a channel near Aransas Pass. I got lucky and the channel was stacked with slot reds. Returned again 2 weeks later and the channel was stacked again with slot reds my biggest was 27″. Ya’lls Salt strong information got me on the Reds. A big Thank You!
Now I need to figure out what Kayak I need to bring to fish these Corpus flats. I currently have an Outback / PA14 and a Diablo.
Thanks again for the great information.

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Roland Puentes

That is awesome!! So glad to hear you got onto some good fish!!


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