How To Use A Frog Lure To Catch Snook, Trout, & Redfish


Bullfrog lures don’t just catch bass.

You can also use them to catch snook, trout, redfish, and even tarpon!

And it’s one of my favorite lures to use on the flats, especially if there’s a lot of floating grass on the surface.

So in this video, you’ll learn why this lure is so effective, how to use it, and one thing you can do to get twice the life out of it.

Check it out below!

Using A Frog Lure For Saltwater Fishing [VIDEO]

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This bullfrog or toad lure works surprisingly well and is a great topwater option.

And it’s super weedless!

That is what makes the frog lure so perfect when there is a ton of grass and the conditions call for a weedless set-up.

How To Use The Zoom Horny Toad

You don’t have to do anything really fancy to work this lure properly.

No walk the dog retrieve necessary!

Just cast out, reel in, and keep your rod tip up.

One thing to note about this lure is that it doesn’t float on its own therefore it needs constant momentum to sit right at the top of the water.

An easy way to keep the lure on the surface is to keep your rod tip pointed towards the lure on the cast and then close the bail before it hits the water.

When it does land, simply pull your rod tip up and start reeling.

How To Rig The Zoom Horny Toad Weedless

Using a Gamakatsu Offset Shank Hook, you’ll want to rig this bullfrog lure weedless.

And the cool part about this lure is that if it starts to tear, you can re-rig it on the other side.

That way you get the most bang for your buck and the Zoom Horny Toad lure keeps the same action in the water.


fish scent test

Sometimes you have to go with what works even if it doesn’t make sense.

And the bullfrog lure definitely catches a ton of quality inshore saltwater fish!

Click here to get this frog lure and the hooks for it:

Have you used a frog lure for inshore saltwater fishing?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who may want to try out a bullfrog lure, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Mark Richardson
5 months ago

I will try the frog. I am going to Bonita Springs FL (Estero Bay ) the last week of July Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I will have a Hobbie pro angler 14 Kayak I love watching and learning from your channel and would join if I lived closer to salt water. I live in Ohio and can only dream except for when I take a vacation. Thank you for your consideration Mark

David Galloway
6 months ago

Thanks Luke, I never get a bite using those toads for Bass fishing, good to know I can repurpose them!

5 months ago
Reply to  David Galloway

Down in south texas you pull ten pounders left and right of farm ponds. Zoom horny toads are my second favorite bass lure to 6th sense hybrid jig.

Philip Stoddard
6 months ago

Years ago I was down at Flamingo with a tropical storm coming on. There was a foot of water over the road and lots of small frogs were floating out into Florida Bay. Maybe snook and trout get to snarfle down frogs on occasion.

Billy Bait
6 months ago

I have a plastic box full of Horny Toads that I bought years ago and have never fished. Time to try them out.

Dalton Foster
6 months ago

What about normal hallow body frogs…..will that work the same

Charleen MacLure
6 months ago

Hey, love your info and site. Do y’all have any info or testing on foldable kayaks, including durability, leakage, pros or cons. Love to hear about them.

Bryan Lowrie
6 months ago

Know you don’t have much time for videoing, but along with testing that swamp frog (grabbed one out of my Uncle’s bass box for snook at Sebastian 3 decades ago), looks like you have finally got around to testing the HMG rod. Love both of my ” HMG skinnys”.

Last edited 6 months ago by Bryan Lowrie
5 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I am about to get the hmg casting rod for a kastking armor x for wading.

Jarrett Jackson
6 months ago

Caught a nice bass on the Alabama Leprechaun yesterday, so turn about is fair play. I will have to check out the frog. I am sure a reactionary strike could be attained with many lures.

Lyle Crafton
6 months ago

Awesome video, need to start checking out some of the freshwater lures. Chatter bait maybe!

6 months ago
Reply to  Lyle Crafton

Redfish absolutely destroy chatter baits. If it’s within 5 feet of them and they sense the vibration, they come up and smoke it. I can tell you this from experience. Look up some YouTube videos on it, it’s pretty cool.

Thom Ray
6 months ago

Good stuff Luke! I find an occasional pause works too. Letting it stop and sink for a moment to entice any fish that is following it but not committed


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