New Florida Fishing Pier Finder (FWC’s New Tool)


Are you tired of Googling: “closest fishing pier” or “fishing pier near me”?

If so, there’s good news!

The FWC just released the new fishing pier finder tool on their website so you can quickly find a fishing pier or jetty.

Also, the site gives you driving directions and if a fishing license is required or provided!

In this video, you’ll see all of the fishing spot options that this new feature has to offer and how to use it.

Check it out below!

The New FWC Pier Finder [VIDEO]

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Although this is for Florida piers and jetties only, I highly recommend you check with your local or state wildlife conservation agency to see if something like this may be available.

If you are only fishing bridges, piers, and jetties then this is a great website to bookmark on your phone.

It’s super user-friendly and the interactive map feature allows you to zoom in on your specific area.

You can filter the results by county, the name of the pier, the city, the type, and if a fishing license is provided.

The full address and directions are included with each location as well.

Check out the FWC fishing pier finder here!


fwc fishing pier and jetty finder

The new FWC fishing pier finder feature is great for finding pier and jetty fishing in your area and even when you are vacationing in other parts of Florida.

Check out the FWC fishing pier finder here!

Have you used the app yet?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who needs help finding a pier or jetty to fish on, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Matthew Broome
1 year ago

Looks like it also has some awesome satellite imagery to use for other purposes.

jeffery hoffman
1 year ago

good app when working needs a little work

Alejandro Aspuru
1 year ago

It’s a good start. Hopefully they continue improving it. It also confirms that you need a boat, kayak, etc if you live in Miami. Can’t fish off too many bridges or piers and shore fishing isn’t really an option.

Grant Guzman
1 year ago

Does Texas have anything like this ?

1 year ago

Maybe Texas City or G-town Texas

Mark Ethridge
1 year ago

I would like to see this integrated into the phone app. They already have find a boat dock in the app. so it should not be too hard to add.

Lyle Crafton
1 year ago

Great tool, Wow! that’s a lot of piers.

1 year ago

Difficult to see on an iPad and difficult to use. No way you could use this on a small smart phone scree.

michael sams
1 year ago

This is awesome news. Now to wait for them to add it to the myfwc app


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