How To Swap Out The Hooks On A Strike King Wake Bait


After my own experiences, I figured I’d show you the wake bait hook swap!

I had been crushing fish using the Strike King Wake Bait until the hooks straightened out that is.

Keep scrolling to see why you must swap out the hooks on the Strike King Wake Bait lure!

Wake Bait Hook Swap [VIDEO]

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After fishing with the Strike King Wake Bait for a long time, I’ve found it best to not only change out the factory hooks for stronger hooks, but also it helps to change out the split rings.

The hooks and split rings that come rigged on the lure are not built to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater.

The split rings have a tendency to rust up and the hooks have either broken or bent out on me.

It is beyond advantageous for you to swap out the factory hooks for single inline hooks.

Single inline hooks are the way to go when it comes to inshore fishing.

They stick well in a fish’s mouth and when it’s time to remove the hook, it is less stress on both the fish and you.

The Hook Swap

You want to first make sure you have all the proper gear and materials in order.

Owner Split Rings in the #3 size and Owner 2/0 single inline hooks match up best to the Wake Bait.

The easiest way to get started is to remove the split rings first.

The hooks already on the lure will come off with the split ring.

Once you remove both of the split rings and hooks, you can prepare the new hardware for the lure.

Take the 2/0 replacement hooks you have and slide them onto the split ring before putting the split ring on the lure.

A little trick I like to do is once I wrap the split ring onto the hook for a half turn, I stop and let it remain open.

Then, all you have to do is slide the lure onto the split ring without having to use split ring pliers.

Also, make sure the front and back hook is facing the correct direction.


The Strike King KVD Wake Bait has become a regular lure in my tackle box every time I hit the water.

Some lures just do not come with the proper hardware capable of withstanding the conditions we fish on a daily basis, as is the case with the Wake Bait.

Be sure to replace the hardware on this lure before you hit the water and hook into a big fish!!

Do you have any additional questions about the Wake Bait Hook Swap?

Do you do this with other hard body lures in your tackle box?

Let me know what you think down below!!

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Larry Norris
24 days ago

Matt, I was wondering if you also replaced the split ring on the front of the KVD lure?

Steve Zakis
3 months ago

Just curious as to why you want to have the rear hook facing rearward with a top water lure? The fish will be attacking from below and if both hooks are facing downward during the retrieve, it seems like the hookup ratio would be higher. Thanks.

Joseph Koziol
1 year ago

Thank you, sir. Do you think it is necessary to change out the tie-on clip in the bill? Also what knot do you generally use when fishing this lure? Thanks.

Joseph Koziol
1 year ago
Reply to  Matt Lanier

Thank you for responding so promptly.

Terry McLaughlin
1 year ago

Thanks Matt Great video Very informative

Michael Quimuyog
1 year ago

Great review Matt, I’ve already swapped out my treble hooks for inline hooks, the reason I did that was I got one in the top knuckle on my right middle finger while trying to remove it out of a snooks mouth, I didn’t have it in there long because the fish shook it out ripping my finger down to the knuckle, with that said I changed out the hooks on all my lures, I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s safer for the fish and yourself. Thanks again I leaned a lot on how to swap those hooks out.

Mark Ethridge
1 year ago

Going to have to get me a couple of wake baits to try out. Thanks for sharing Matt.

Mark Ethridge
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Ethridge

Also how do these compare to the Paul Brown Corky’s?

Neal Hagood
1 year ago

Great Job Matt!
I agree completely with the 1/0 in front and 2/0 in the rear (or scaled accordingly based on lure size). I have had to do this on most of my hard baits (and Corkies & SoftDines). I was having problems with different levels of foul-up with the front hook to the bills and/or the line – costing time, spooked fish and blownout areas from BAD fouled lure action, wasted casting …Changing to a smaller front hook (sometines the rear hook as well – for balance on some lures) fixed that issue.
Way less grass snags, quiter landing of the lures & solid hook-ups.

Al Schellhorn
1 year ago

Thanks Matt for a good discussion. Another fresh water bait I could (should?) be using inshore is a winner!

Edward Lopez
1 year ago

I’ve been using “wakes” for some time. Use to call them Bagley “Shallow B’s”. My favorite were black ones (at night), along the docks. I’d tie some black bucktail to the trailer hook for more action. Snook & Trout loved them. Think I’ll swap out the hooks for “singles”…and add the bucktail, again.

Richard Thomas
1 year ago

Such a cool and effective lure! Great idea changing out the hooks !


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