Simple Time-Saving Trick For Replacing Hooks On Hard Baits


It’s a good idea to change out your treble hooks with inline hooks.

This is safer for you and for the fish.

But it can be time-consuming to change out all of the hooks on your hard baits.

So in this video, you’ll see a simple trick to speed up that process.

Check it out!

Simple Trick For Replacing Hooks [VIDEO]

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This will work when replacing hooks on any of your hard baits.

First, make sure you have a pair of split ring pliers to help you open up the split ring.

Make sure the notch on the pliers is on top and open up the split ring.

Get the hook started to move off of the open split ring but do not take the hook off completely.

Place the new hook on the split ring facing in the right direction.

The front hook needs to face forward, while the rear hook needs to face back.

Start moving the new hook onto the split ring while pushing the old hook off.

This helps speed up the process so you have more time on the water!


spring topwater redfish

When replacing hooks on hard baits, most anglers will take off one hook completely and then put on the new hook.

This little trick speeds it up by doing it at the same time!

Have any other tips for changing out your hooks?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who loves to use hard baits and needs to change out the hooks, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Steven Free
2 years ago

Yea I learned that trick a couple years back although sometimes some lures have stronger split rings then others and the ring can be tough to pry apart especially enough for 2 hooks versus 1 but it does work just takes a little patience and perseverance thanks for the info and all you do😁

2 years ago

Great tip Tony! Thanks.

2 years ago

Great tip Tony – just received the top water lures and will be replacing the hks

Russell Coleman
2 years ago

I’ve been doing that for years, learned that from replacing keys. However, it is so simple, it is not that obvious. I’m still klutz with replacing hooks, two trips to the ER proves that. My funniest was the time I had a fairly large treble hook in the end of my index finger. The material was so tough, I had no cutting pliers that would even dent the shank. Neither did the ER. When I walked in, I casually walked up to the desk. The very kind lady asked what could the help me with. I held up my hand and asked, ‘can you get this out’. That poor lady jumped back two feet. Probably shouldn’t have done that. Two hours later, with the help of a medical grinder, they cut the shank and pulled the hook. My only real wound was the blister from the shank getting so hot it burned my finger. Thought you might enjoy. Have great day!

Edgar Floyd
2 years ago

Thanks for information.

Jonathan Getz
2 years ago

Great video Tony! The SS scissor combo works decently for this task. However, if you have a lot of hooks to replace, I recommend a dedicated split ring plier like this one:

Andy Hong
2 years ago
Reply to  Jonathan Getz

Yeah, what Jonathan said!

The Texas Tackle “Pryers” are awesome. They’re fantastic for opening up split rings really wide — which makes it super easy to get the hook eye on/off.

But for tiny rings, the Texas Pryers sometimes pull the rings too much, such that the rings don’t spring back to shape.

Therefore, for tiny rings, I prefer my Xuron pliers:

Last edited 2 years ago by Andy Hong
2 years ago

Great time saver, thanks Tony

Capt Bill Bennett
2 years ago

Excellent advice, Treble hooks R trouble hooks for U & the fish.

Robert D Simon
2 years ago

A bit more complicated when changing out treble hooks for single hooks. I always seem to get the orientation of the single hook wrong, and have to re-do. Any ideas on how to avoid this?

Capt Bill Bennett
2 years ago
Reply to  Robert D Simon

No disrespect intended but U need to pay close attention

Jonathan Getz
2 years ago
Reply to  Robert D Simon

Make sure to pull the split ring in the direction that you want the hook to point. Like Tony demonstrated, he pulled the back split ring away from the tail of the bait when installing the hook and it would be opposite for the front hook ring.

Ahmad Aghar
2 years ago

Thanks for the time saving tip!
The moonwalker comes with an extra pair of hooks. That’s good, I like to have spares…

Do I need to change them immediately? Why is that?

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Ahmad Aghar

Yes, you’ll need to change out the hooks from the beta test batch of moonwalkers because the manufacturer put the wrong ones on that are too small.

Ahmad Aghar
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks Luke!


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