Top 3 Tips For Targeting Snook On Topwater Lures


The underslung jaw of a snook is designed to smash baits on the surface above them.

Because of this, fishing with topwater lures can be a very effective way to target snook.

You just need to know the tips and tactics for using a topwater lure to get more strikes.

In this video, you’ll learn what you need to do to make your topwater lures more snook-friendly, the best retrieval method for snook, and tips on casting topwater lures for snook.

Check it out below!

Catch Snook On Topwater Lures [VIDEO]

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When using topwater lures to target snook, there are some key changes to make to your lure so that you increase your chances of landing the fish.

Snook are incredibly hard fighters and they can easily bend the treble hooks traditionally found on topwater lures.

You could also hook them in the soft part of their mouth and lose the fish.

Not to mention, treble hooks can be dangerous for you and for fish.

So what’s the solution?

Beef up your hardware by changing out the split rings, and putting inline hooks on to replace the treble hooks.

Learn how to do this here!

(P.S. This is a lot easier with these Salt Strong Split Ring Scissors.)

Once you have your lure toughened up and ready to fish, you’ll want to make sure you are using the right casting techniques.

Casting is very important no matter what type of lure you are throwing, especially when you are fishing around structure.

Snook love structure because they use it to hide and then ambush prey.

To be most effective when targeting snook, follow the casting rule of 3.

Make at least 3 casts to a certain spot because even if your lure is inches off the mark, that could be the difference between getting the strike and not.

As you retrieve back, the best method is doing a constant steady pop that’s faster than what you would typically do when targeting trout or redfish.

That faster movement without pauses entices the snook to attack!


snook on topwater lures

Catching snook in general is a ton of fun.

They are aggressive strikers and put up a great fight.

But catching snook on topwater takes that fun to a whole new level!

Here’s the lure I used in the video to get on a fun snook bite:

Have you caught snook on topwater lures?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who can’t wait to get a snook on topwater, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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1 month ago

☆Nice snook Tony! I have a silly question. When you hook up and there is that much commotion in the water, does that blow out that area on feeding fpr a while?

Rex Russo
1 month ago

Thanks! Appreciated the tip on your retrieval speed and action, as well as to follow up with casts. I have not had my super spook out much, and never caught on it, but this was inspiring.

Michael Kane
1 month ago

Thanks Tony! I use the exact same super spook Jr you use in the video, same color. But the snook keep hitting it but don’t take it in. Any idea why? Could it be the color? My retrieve speed is medium and I’m fishing along the intercoastal in Ormond beach, lots of docks, in the evening. Thanks in advance.

Michael Kane
1 month ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks! I’ll try that.🙏👍

J Long
1 month ago

You mentioned replacement split rings. What brand do you recommend? Are the replacement split rings in the Salt Strong tackle shop? What do you think about the Salt Strong videos showing replacing split rings with braid?

J Long
1 month ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thank you for the tip!

Darlene Shuman
1 month ago

Hey Tony,
Last weekend I caught a 31″ snook EXACTLY like you said in this video: on a super Spook- 2/0 in line hooks, and he hit on the third toss over to the same submerged tree branch area. I was kayak fishing with my cousin, and had just said to him ” I never catch anything on topwater” then BAM – fight on!!

Michael Connelly
1 month ago
Reply to  Darlene Shuman


1 month ago

Yes. Snook along seawalls using full size spooks. Snook SMASH lure!!! Best time is morning twilight when Snook can see but baitfish can not. Time window is, maybe, 20 minutes. Of course, the better at ” walking the dog” the more likely to get SAVAGE strike !! Tight lines to all !!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Connelly
1 month ago

Good Job Tony, the Super Spook Jr is the best all around topwater IMO. Simple, great price and effective!
Keep It Up!!

Matt Geiger
1 month ago

Tony, you said you use a 2/0 single replacement hook. Do you use the 3X hook or the X? Also, do you ever throw a super spook with 3 hooks? Enjoyed your video! Thank you! Matt Geiger


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