THIS Is The Best Lure To Search For Schooling Redfish


What is your go-to lure to search for schooling redfish???

It is early but redfish are slowly starting to school up on the flats.

In this video, I’ll share my favorite searchbait for schooling redfish as well as how I like to retrieve it.

Learn more right here!!

The Best Lure To Search For Schooling Redfish [VIDEO]

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Personally, I find it hard to come across anything better than a feeding school of feisty redfish.

When redfish are actively feeding, they’ll strike just about anything.

But the problem is losing a school of fish after you hook into a fish from the school.

This situation happened to me on a few of my most recent outings.

Most notably in Virginia, I was able to pluck off a redfish from a school using the F.R.E.D. Paddletail lure.

As I was fighting that fish, I was also trying to keep an eye on the entire school of fish.

Fishing in a kayak and by myself is hard to do and I usually end up losing sight of the school.

Maintain Visual Contact

You want to have eyes on the school of fish as much as possible.

If you are out fishing with a friend or a second angler is with you, definitely have them keep a visual on the school and follow where it goes.

I don’t have that luxury when I am out fishing alone.

So after I reeled in and released the fish I was fighting, I had to relocate the school.

Usually, after you startle the school by hooking into a fish, they drop down in the water a bit to avoid getting up to close to the surface.

Which makes it even harder to maintain eye contact with the school.

I needed an effective search bait to find those redfish again.

1) Strike King KVD Wake Bait

The Strike King KVD Wake Bait wobbles side-to-side in the water and gives off huge vibrations to call fish in from far away.

All I did was start fan-casting the entire area around me.

Eventually, I swam the Wake Bait right over the school again and a few fish from the school just could not resist taking a swipe at it.

I was able to find the school again and catch a few more fish out of it.

2) Moonwalker

A walk-the-dog style topwater lure is also an excellent search bait.

And for me, nothing comes close to the Salt Strong Moonwalker.

The side-to-side action of this lure combined with internal rattles provides an excellent presentation.

When Should You Use Either Lure?

If I know the exact direction the fish are heading and I know where I need to cast, I prefer to use the Moonwalker.

The slower retrieve and action of the Moonwalker stays in an area longer and you can fish it slower to pinpoint exactly where those fish are.

However, if I completely lose sight of a school of redfish or the school disperses, that is when I toss out the Strike King KVD Wake Bait.

You want something that can quickly find fish and cover lots of ground.


It is certainly a challenge to catch more than one redfish from a school but with the right lures and tactics, you can pluck a few off of a school!!

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation and then found luck using a different lure than the ones I mentioned?

If so, please go ahead and share that lure with us down in the comments section!!

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Kirby Lewis
6 months ago

Quick question… I ordered the Wake bait and suggestions were the size #2 single replacement hook. Is this the correct replacement hook for this bait?


Troy Hill
7 months ago

Awesome video Pat. You were fishing at my back door and recognized pier right away. The information on the flats was excellent. I had been concentrating closer to inlets at both ends of Topsail island and had not figured the reds would be in warmer water. Fresh oxygenated water evidently travels further than I had anticipated. Thanks for the info and hope to see you out there sometime.

Jeffrey Dudenhefer
7 months ago

Thanks Pat. Good info.

Tim Groner
7 months ago

Pat do you think that you could talk Strike King into making a single hook version of the wakebait as you have with the moonwalker. It’s kinda pricey otherwise. They could market it as a saltwater model.

Brad Brumback
7 months ago

Pat, have you ever tried a Big-O as a wake bait? What’s the difference? Thanks.

Andrew Nichols
7 months ago

Good stuff. For me, the best search bait for reds is a Johnson gold spoon. It puts out great flash and vibrations, is weedless, and you can cast it a country mile

Christopher Kreft
7 months ago

Great video, thank you. Where in VA where you in that video?

George Layton
7 months ago

Excellent info that can put fish on the hook Pat, thanks for sharing !!

Donald Jankowski
7 months ago

What is the rod and reel specs for the Star rod and bg mq?

Terry Chase
7 months ago

You mention SK KVD Wake Bait,but no mention of what color for Trout Redfish or Snook you might recommend to use in different color waters. My area is Bokellia , Pineisland FL SW FL area. Sounds like an interesting lure to use.


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