The Gale Force Twins: This Offshore Fishing Duo Is Making A Big Splash


Have you heard of the Gale Force Twins yet?

Twin sisters (and fishing Captains) Emily and Amanda Gale are starting to make quite a name for themselves in the fishing world.

What started out as some part-time mating on offshore boats while in college, turned into a love of fishing that completely changed their career paths… aka the girls were hooked.

So much so, that they declined to take the route of going into the medical field (they were pre-med majors at the University of Miami) to follow their dream of making a living in the fishing world.

The coolest part is that their parents urged them to take the leap of faith and pursue fishing (love it).

gale force twins fishing
The Gale Force twins at a track meet while competing for the University of Miami

Just a short span after college, the girls find themselves standing in front of the Monroe County Tax Collector office receiving their charter fishing licenses.

gale force twins fishing
The Gale Force Twins receiving their charter fishing licenses

As you will hear in the amazing interview below, these girls have been learning (and catching) a TON over the past few years.

We discuss their first memories of fishing, what it’s like to take out paying customers on a charter for the first time, the challenges they’ve faced, and even a skit they wrote while growing up called, “Brave Enough To Be A Pirate…”

Oh, what irony… it’s almost like they were destined for this…

For those of you younger anglers hoping to land a job in the fishing world, listen in on how Emily and Amanda offer to help captains out for free so they can learn the ropes.

It reminds me of an old Zig Ziglar mantra that if you want something bad enough, offer to do it for free to prove your merit (make it impossible for the employer to say no).

gale force twins mahi
The Gale Force Twins with a beast of a mahi

Click down below to listen in as we discuss the Gale Force Twins’ background, their love for fishing, the biggest challenges for females entering the fishing world, and much more…

I’ll also add in two of their YouTube videos at the bottom (don’t forget to Subscribe to their YouTube channel here).

Make sure to follow their blog (and book a charter with them) here.


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Dan Suhr
2 years ago

I really enjoy watching your posts. I enjoy the excitement in your voices every time you have a fish on .I have recently retired and I am from Colorado and looking forward in doing more fishing in the gulf during the winter. I enjoy the education and tips you pass along, big difference from fresh to saltwater.


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