The Best Way to Rig Z-Man Jerk ShadZ For Trout & Redfish


Want to learn the best way to rig Z-Man Jerk ShadZ?

With Z-Man’s ElaZtech material, it can sometimes be difficult to rig these lures because it’s so tough and stretchy.

So in this video, you’ll see how to rig these lures the most effective way when you’re fishing the shallows.

Check it out below!

Best Way to Rig Z-Man Jerk ShadZ [VIDEO]

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The Slam Shady Z-Man Jerk ShadZ are made out of very stretchy ElaZtech material.

This can make it tough to rig on some hooks weedless.

I rig the Slam Shady Z-Man Jerk ShadZ in a lightweight, weedless presentation because I’m typically using these in less than 4 feet of water.

How To Rig Z-Man Jerk ShadZ On Owner Twistlock Hooks

  1. Create a pilot hole in the nose of the bait with the hook point.
  2. Take the spring on the hook and go through the pilot hole.
  3. Push the plastic all of the way onto the spring to the eye of the hook.
  4. Keeping it pinched at the head, start turning the spring into the lure with the hook.
  5. Make sure it’s straight so that it’s streamlined in the water.
  6. Put the hook through the body and out of the back of the lure.
  7. Bury the tip of the hook back into the bait.

Here are the sizes I typically use for water depths that are 4 feet or less:

How To Rig Z-Man Jerk ShadZ With Mustad Grip Pin Hooks

This is the best hook overall for Z-Man Jerk ShadZ.

The weight is on the belly of the hook and there is a keeper that helps the bait not slide down the hook.

Here’s how to rig it:

  1. Go through the nose of the bait with the hook and out through the bottom.
  2. Slide the bait over the weight and onto the keeper.
  3. Insert the hook into the body of the lure through the slot in the belly and come out of the top of the bait.
  4. Lay the hook on the back of the bait.
  5. You can barely skin hook the hook point back into the body to make it super weedless.

Here are the sizes I typically use for water depths that are 4 feet or less:

Pro Tip: The 4″ Slam Shady Z-Man Jerk ShadZ is a great year-round sized lure but late summer into fall when the fish are dialed in on larger baits, try switching to a 5″ size!


skip cast from kayak

These Z-Man Jerk ShadZ are very productive lures year-round.

And when you rig them weedless on weighted hooks, the fish crush them in shallow water.

Have you tried these baits yet?

Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

And if you want to grab a pack of our Slam Shady Jerk Shadz from our shop, click the link below:

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Kevin Steinke
1 year ago

Do you stop using jerk baits in low light conditions such as dusk?

Clint Colding
1 year ago

When would you use this over the Alabama Leprechaun? Or are they fairly interchangeable, where you would use one you could use the other?

1 year ago

Great description on the spring lock. I mostly use the chinlockz for colder and slower presentations, and Bulletz for forward sinking. Work great.

Glenn Acomb
1 year ago

Thanks Tony! When finished fishing, can you leave the ZMan lure on the hook until the next outing, or do you have to remove it and put back into the lure packet? Thanks.

Ron Whetstone
1 year ago

I like the grip pin hook the best but you can really only use it on Zman. Another option that works for tarpon is to nose hook with a bait hook or octopus style or circle hook. I actually just bought some of these to try them for tarpon.

richard appell
1 year ago

Great tip on how to get Zman shad onto the twist hooks. Was struggling to get on twist lock. Now I know the easy trick.
Thanks again.

Joseph Semborski
1 year ago

ChinlockZ SWS hooks work just as well as mustad grip pin

Jack Dickerson
1 year ago

Thanks Tony. I have been thinking about trying the ZMan Lures. Now I know how best to rig them.

C. Lance Weaver
1 year ago

Great video Tony, I was anxiously waiting for these and they work great.

James Crews
1 year ago

I’ve been using the mustad grip pins and chinlockz for the past couple of years with them. Like you said, best hook for the lures!


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