How To Rig An Offshore Trolling Plug For Big Marlin And Wahoo


You asked for it…

Our boys from Team Ripper are back!

We’ve heard some really awesome feedback from the Salt Strong Tribe on the last two offshore bluewater video tips from Matt and Darren over at Team Ripper.

In case you missed them, here they are:

And in this new video, they reveal how they rig one of their favorite trolling plugs (a Pulsator lure) for big marlin and wahoo.

I’m betting most of you will get some new offshore rigging ideas after watching this.


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Pretty cool way to rig a big bluewater plug huh?

We’ve got a few more videos from Team Ripper that we’ll be sharing with our members over the next couple of weeks.

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Do you have any specific questions for Darren or Matt?

Any specific offshore tips or questions you want us to cover next?

Let us know in the comments.

Finally, make sure to follow Team Ripper on Facebook here, Instagram here, and listen to their podcast interview here.

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daniel doskis
2 years ago

thanks for the great video ! did somebody just get out of a turkey prison! funny ! im glad you showed the crimping tool all details are appreciated thanks danny


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