The Quickest Way To Rig A Ballyhoo With A Circle Hook [VIDEO]


It’s ballyhoo time again!

In particular, how to rig a naked ballyhoo with a circle hook the quickest way possible (the Team Ripper way).

This is a critical skill if you are targeting billfish or pelagics (especially if you are fishing in IGFA tournaments or trying to qualify for any IGFA records).

Here’s what you need:

  • Heavy-duty industrial rubber band
  • 90-130 lb fluorocarbon leader
  • Heavy gauge, non-offset circle hook (Team Ripper uses a 6X circle hook)
  • Big ol’ magnum ballyhoo (poop-free)
  • And a big enough boat to get you out to the bluewater…

Enjoy this excellent tip from Team Ripper.

If you do it right, your circle hook will end up looking like this!

circle hook ballyhoo
A circle hook with perfect placement in a marlin’s mouth

As Matt says in the video, there are two ways to troll for billfish and pelagics when using a naked ballyhoo circle hook rig like this:

  • If you have a full crew, anglers can actually keep the rod in their hands while trolling
  • If you fish with just two guys (like Team Ripper), you can also just set your drag super light and then address the fish once you hear your drag.

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The Circle Hook Ballyhoo Rig [VIDEO]

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Pretty cool way to save time rigging a naked ballyhoo with a circle hook, huh?

As Matt said, the secret is to troll at 4-6 knots if you want to catch consistent billfish and get the most of your ballyhoo.

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