The Toadfish Fly Fishing Rod Is NOW In The Salt Strong Shop!!


We’re SUPER excited to bring the Toadfish Fly Fishing Rod to our online tackle shop!!

This is the FIRST time we’ve had a fly fishing rod in our shop.

Learn more about this 4-piece travel fly fishing rod in the video below!!

Toadfish Fly Fishing Rod [VIDEO]

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This fly rod is specifically for targeting inshore species like redfish, seatrout, snook, and more.

It is a 9-foot 8WT fly rod that comes in its very own carrying case.

This is a 4-piece rod, however, 5 sections come with the total package.

Toadfish includes an extra rod tip with the carrying case in the event something happens to the rod tip you’ve got on already.

A break or mishap is common when traveling, especially in the tip section.

The fly rod and additional carrying case come in at under $200.

With fall fastly approaching, redfish and other inshore species spend more of their time in the shallows which makes for prime fly fishing opportunities.


unboxing toadfish fishing rod

If you have used this rod before or know more about it, please leave a comment down below.

I’ve used other products and travel fishing rods from Toadfish before and have been nothing short of pleased so far.

This is a high-quality fly fishing rod at an advantageous price point for saltwater anglers.

➡Get the Toadfish Fly Fishing Rod

Hot Buy Item: This fly rod is 25% off for Insider Club Members for a limited time, so make sure lock in your savings.

A full review with the pros and cons will be coming shortly!!

Do you have any questions in the meantime about the Toadfish fly fishing rod?

Let me know down in the comments section!!!

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Mark Ethridge
1 day ago

I’ve been wanting a Saltwater fly rod to learn with. This is a great deal.Now that I have bought one is there a recommendation for what reel to pair it with?

Chuck Shaw
3 days ago

Looks like a great deal!!!!! I love fishing for red on the fly!!! I caught a 42” on a crab pattern. Cheers!!!!! Can’t figure out how to attach pic…….


Luke Simonds
2 days ago
Reply to  Chuck Shaw

Great work on the big redfish on fly! That must have been an absolute blast.

Andrew Nichols
3 days ago

Good to see you guys venture into long rod territory. There’s nothing like catching a fish on the fly

Luke Simonds
3 days ago
Reply to  Andrew Nichols

Yes, catching a fish on fly sure is fun! I’ll be making a point to do more fly fishing this fall in hopes of catching my first bull red on fly soon.

Russell Lloyd
3 days ago

Great looking rod, are you going to have a fly real/ fly line to match up with it?

Luke Simonds
3 days ago
Reply to  Russell Lloyd

If the response from this is good, we’ll add in a reel and line for fly fishing. This rod pairs nicely with pretty much any reel for 8 wt line.

Charles Gustman
3 days ago

I have purchased the travel rod and used it on my recent trip to Alaska. My feedback is that the Aluminum carry case is way too heavy. Going into a fishcamp by plane makes weight important when you are traveling just to fish. I had to leave the carry case behind. Adds a lot of weight when checking through an airport as well. chuck

Luke Simonds
3 days ago

Thanks for sharing your feedback on the carrying case from their travel rod.


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