The ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Lure Retrieve For Sight Fishing Spooky Fish


This post will show you a unique lure retrieve for sight fishing that performs extremely well when fish are finicky when up in the shallows.

Sight fishing is an absolute thrill and makes for such a rewarding catch when you do it using an artificial lure. But it can be incredibly frustrating when a fish spooks off even after a great cast was made.

In most cases, these good cast spooks are caused by the fish feeling or seeing something unnatural as you are delivering your lure through the water.

I used to think it was all about the action of the lure, but I have more recently realized that the action and movement of the line as it moves through the water can be a factor too.

Here’s a new video that shows a breakdown of a recent snook catch for the details on how to maximize your odds of getting strikes from finicky fish in the shallows using the ‘Razzle Dazzle’ lure retrieve.

Lure Retrieve For Sight Fishing

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Equipment Used:

shrimp lure for big redfish


Sight fishing can often result in the most thrilling catches of all because it’s a blend of hunting and fishing which combines the need for stealth, casting accuracy, and lure/bait retrieve.

And the fact that the fish can be seen throughout the sequence of events makes for the ultimate test of a fisherman in which he/she can’t hide from when the cast doesn’t result in a catch.

On top of the need to being stealthy with the cast and presentation of the lure to a fish in calm and clear water, it’s important to use a lure that isn’t too loud (no rattles) and has the following characteristics:

  1. Good action
  2. Weedless
  3. Realistic
  4. Casting performance (distance and accuracy)

And our new shrimp lure was designed to have all four of these important characteristics which is why is has quickly become my favorite lure for this type of fishing.

Not only does this lure perform well at drawing strikes when fishing docks, but it seems to fool the bigger fish more frequently given that my average catch size has gone way up since I began using it.

Make sure to get some of these new lures if you haven’t yet done so.

Note: We are so confident in these lures that we offer a guarantee that they’ll be your favorite shrimp lure of all once you give them a shot… if you don’t think they are awesome, just let us know and we’ll refund what you paid for them so you have nothing to lose by given them a try.

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Jeff Tutan
1 year ago

Great tips! I will have to try them.
Unfortunately, I don’t get too many sight casting opportunities due to the water clarity. However, I do keep as much of my braid out of the water as possible by holding the rod tip high. You don’t want to hit a fish with your line before it even sees your lure!

Daniel Kolk
1 year ago

Noticed that you had to grab trolling motor handle in middle of the fight. Have you tried foot control model ? I have read your articles on trolling motors , one va the other in brand and type. I have switched to foot for just that reason. You get used to it.

Colin Campbell
1 year ago

The dramatic sound track really helped!

Jeff Tutan
1 year ago
Reply to  Colin Campbell

I agree!

Michael Garcia
1 year ago

Thank you Luke for an other great tutorial video!
I just got my 1st pack of the Power Prawn USA and the Hoss Helix Hooks in the mail yesterday (along with some other Salt Strong goodies). If all goes as planned, I should be on the water in a couple of days putting this combo to work. Wish me luck…

Alex Faugno
1 year ago

Great tip Luke. I cant wait to try it!

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

Really enjoyed the video and tip!!! Nice catch

Thomas Hall
1 year ago

Thanks for another lesson Luke. I was fishing a grass flat earlier today and clearly was spooking the fish. I need to start casting further over the target and several feet in front of. It is all about the tactics.

Salt Strong! Thomas

Gerald Dexter
1 year ago

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing

1 year ago

Timely, was fishing very calm shallow water this weekend and only caught fish when I slowed retrieval with very little rod movement. Your explanation seems to be on point – thanks!

William Bigane
1 year ago

Well presented, uncomplicated presentation. Thanks Luke.


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