Piecing Together Clues To Find Inshore Fish In Super Skinny Water


This trip was all about piecing together clues to find inshore fish in SUPER skinny water in the Chassahowitzka River!

I have never fished this area before so I tagged along with Insider Member Jimmy Tintle.

There was tons of life up in the shallows and rocks which made it slightly challenging to navigate.

But here’s how we found the bite and how it turned into an epic trip!!

Find Inshore Fish In Super Skinny Water [VIDEO]

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We pulled up to the first spot and had the Moonwalker topwater plug already tied on and ready!

We had to wait for the water to come up just a bit more so we tossed topwater lures along a shoreline in the meantime.

The water was clear and calm so the goal was to powerfish and find fish.

I hooked into a smaller redfish as a much bigger fish shot off next to it.

We cleared the day of any skunk with that first fish.

After I reeled in that redfish, I decided to go to subsurface lures due to the conditions.

Flat calm with barely any wind made it tough.

I switched to the Slam Shady BOMBER with Dr. Juice Scent added.

The fish were extra spooky on this trip so the key was to make long casts and stay as quiet as possible.

We continued to fish along the shoreline but the fish kept getting scared off so I made another change.

I tied on the Mulligan and threw it out toward some rocks.

Immediately a copper redfish struck and ate the lure.

Later on, we came across a deeper section that Jimmy knew would hold some trout.

The bite was on!

So I took this as an opportunity to test out a brand new prototype lure that will be coming soon after more testing.

It is a small subsurface twitchbait.

We later moved to cover different areas looking for redfish and every few casts we would get a really solid strike.

As the tide started to move in, we pushed into creeks that started to fill in where we had enough water to move through.

When the tide came in, the water levels rose and the clarity was crystal clear.

Sightfishing opportunities began to pop up all around us.

After some GoPro malfunctions, Jimmy and I hooked into really solid redfish after we pushed even further into the creek.

Right at the end of the trip, we started talking about finding a snook when one hit my lure off a point!!

I ended up losing the fish but hooked into an inshore slam.

This is an incredible fishery but you definitely need to go along with someone that knows the area to avoid the hazards and rocks.

Key Lessons Learned

The first lesson learned was the fact that these fish were very spread out.

Water temperatures are rising and the fish are on the move.

Covering water is critical and especially when fishing in super clear water, casting distance is important.

Most of the strikes came on the very top of our casts.

Be sure to stay stealthy and pay attention to the size of your lure to match the hatch.

Tackle & Gear

The rod I used on this trip was the TFO Pro S 7’6″ Medium Power paired with a Daiwa Legalis 2500-size reel.

The line used was 10lb Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand tipped with 15lb Ande Monofilament Leader.

I did fish with a 30lb tippet end to beef up my leader in the early hours of the morning.

But once the sun and tide came up, I dropped down to just a 15lb leader.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this trip or the gear I fished with.

This was a super cool fishery and I can’t wait to get back down to fish it again.

Go ahead and drop your comments down below!!

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Terry McLaughlin
10 months ago

Great video Luke thanks for sharing your thoughts on changing lures and why. Also thanks Jimmy for your assistance

A Rollins
10 months ago

Nerve-racking, I can relate. The Chasawiska reminds me of another river. Crystal River’s nickname is The Graveyard of Lower Units.

John Atherton
10 months ago

Says “This video is private”.

Jake Ross
10 months ago
Reply to  John Atherton

Sorry about that John – the video is up and running now. Thanks!


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