Targeting Trout & Redfish Using Popular Bass Fishing Methods [Fishing Report]


Last week, I tried my hand at targeting trout & redfish using popular bass fishing methods!

I found myself fishing in conditions I had not anticipated, forcing me to shake things up.

If you are struggling to devise a plan on the fly when you are out on the water, then you’ll want to check this video out!

Trout & Redfish Using Popular Bass Fishing Methods [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

The water was super calm and muddy.

There were schools of mullet everywhere.

But no signs of predatory fish.

In these situations, I find it best to throw out a Slam Shady BOMBER and see what lessons can be learned!

The water was slightly clearer as you got closer to the shoreline so I tried a NED Rig close to shore.

My new choice bait for NED Rigs is the Z-Man Slam Shady TRD Finesse lure which is just a short 2.5-inch soft plastic lure.

After a few small redfish, I finally hooked into a decently sized snook but very tight to structure.

As expected the fish immediately tried to find cover in the trees and branches hanging over the water.

Unfortunately, my leader line was cut off in the trees and I lost the fish.

Even the coaches make mistakes sometimes.

But it is important to then evaluate and learn from these mistakes so you don’t make them again.

In this situation, I learned that I definitely need to beef up my leader line and I need to put just a bit more pressure on fish when I know they are close to heavy structure,

With these lessons in mind, I was able to apply them later that day when reeling in another nice fish.

Later on, I approached another shoreline that was stacked with a school of decent redfish.

I was a bit hesitant to throw my lure close to the trees with an exposed hook but with really nice redfish sitting there I just couldn’t pass it up.

It was time to throw a weedless presentation.

I threw my lure as close as I could to some trees which caught the attention of several fish.

Then one of them aggressively hit the lure and the fun began

I even was able to pitch my lure out for a small redfish when I later got snagged on a branch!!!


There are constant teaching moments out on the water, even for the most experienced of anglers.

Lessons learned earlier in trips can be applied later that same day.

Remember to analyze what is currently happening when you’re out on the water to adjust your pre-plan accordingly, if necessary.

Do you have any questions about targeting inshore saltwater fish using bass techniques?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Matt Pfeiffer
8 months ago

Cool footage, thanks for sharing. Loved the hook up while you were caught in the tree. And dude, I promise, I will NEVER call you randomly without at least a “can you talk?” text first! Lol

Bob Hartwein
8 months ago

As always a very enjoyable video! Justin, I couldn’t tell if you were “swimming” the TRD or hopping it? Sorry about the Snook but as you well know, Snook are very smart & know how to defeat even the best fisherman when there is structure available! 😉

Terry McLaughlin
9 months ago

Great video. I was laughing with you. It sure appeared it was a blast for you. Is this what you refer to as working ? 😂😂. Keep the great videos coming. Thanks

George Layton
9 months ago

That was just pure fun !! Thanks for sharing Justin !!

Wyatt Parcel
9 months ago

Great work out there Justin! Love it when techniques from one type of fishing translate to another!

Zachary Meiling
9 months ago

Great write up, thanks for sharing your day with us!

Anthony Leopper
9 months ago

Fun video Justin!


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