Flats Fishing For FAT Springtime Trout

By: Luke Simonds on April 11, 2019
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luke simonds speckled trout

Our community members are the best!

James Sauer, one of our earliest members, has been excellent, organizing meetups for the Insiders all across the state.

As a thank you, we decided to give him a free Kaku Kahuna paddleboard.

I recently delivered it to him and while we were together we figured we might as well make a fishing trip out of it!

It was right after a cold front and the wind was picking up, so it was not exactly ideal paddleboard conditions, but we were able to get on some solid fish.

Check out the video below to learn:

  • How to make adjustments when the fish aren’t biting
  • Why you should always pay close attention to rays (you never know what else might be with them!)
  • What lures we used to catch these fish


(Leave a comment if you have any questions about springtime trout fishing!)

Post-Cold Front Spring Fishing [VIDEO]

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Lures used:


fat springtime trout on the flats

Thanks again James for everything you do for our community!

If you want to see exactly where we were fishing, what we did right and what we did wrong, check out our SUPER-Community here.

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1 year ago

Nice Video. I like it when you guys show actual footage of even not catching. Makes it real!

David Hobson
1 year ago

Great video

Fred Zaiko
1 year ago

Nice job!

Gregory Batchelor
1 year ago

How awesome! Saltstrong really knows how to show their appreciation, which is genuine. Great job and report.

1 year ago

Great video guys and congrats James and thanks for always helping me out the past couple of years.
One question is we’re did you launched from in Hudson.
Thanks again guys!🎣🎣

Mark Tochtenhagen
1 year ago

James looks pretty good on that SUP! Thanks for all you do James!

Wyatt Parcel
1 year ago

Awesome video Luke! Props to you both on not only the great catches, but cleaning up that bobber and line as well. It’s good to see an example being set on how to be a good angler and a conservationist as well!

Also just to add, I never have fished off a SUP or considered doing so, but since I joined SS, all of the videos of you guys wading/sight fishing with them have got me EXTREMELY interested. These reports have convinced me to start saving up for one. Keep up the awesome SUP videos!