5 Tips to Catch Big Fish from a Standup Paddleboard [With Bri Andrassy]


Want to learn how to fish from a standup paddleboard from an expert?

Standup paddleboard fishing has exploded in the last couple of years and has given fishermen a new option for paddle-craft fishing.

We personally love to use our standup paddleboards (SUPs) to fish backwaters and spots that are too skinny to get our boats into. We wanted to bring this subject to our audience because SUPs can really open up your fishing game to a new level.

Bri Andrassy SUP Fishing

Standup paddleboard Fishing
Bri shows off her full SUP fishing/diving combo setup.

Our podcast guest today is a SUP fishing extraordinaire — Bri Andrassy.

Bri first got a paddleboard to act as a floating platform for her gear and cooler when spearfishing. She began using the board recreationally for surfing and cruising around the nearshore and inshore waters of Jupiter, Florida.

Once she got comfortable with the board, she began using it as her preferred means of inshore fishing.

She quickly started catching big fish from it (like this lunker snook)

Bri Andrassi with a monster snook on her SUP

Bri hooked up with Bic Sport SUPs after they saw her fishing from a paddleboard nearby while they were doing a photoshoot for their boards. She’s used their boards ever since and now tries to fish or go for a paddle every day.

In this podcast episode, Bri talks about what you need to know to get into paddleboard fishing, including:

  • How to find the right standup paddleboard for you
  • The benefits of SUP fishing
  • Tips for learning how to SUP fish

Check out this video from Bri’s YouTube channel where she catches a bunch of fun-sized snook from her SUP:

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Do you fish from a standup paddleboard? What’s the one tip you think other SUP anglers should know?

Let me know in your comments below!

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Bri Andrassy On The Fish Strong Podcast

bri andrassy fishing

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fish strong podcast

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Top Five Tips for New Standup Paddleboard Anglers

Bri has spent a lot of time on the water with her SUP. She’s used it for fishing, lobster diving, spearfishing, yoga and more! Through trial and error, she’s figured out what works and what doesn’t work with SUP fishing on the water.

She was able to share her top five tips that every new standup paddleboard angler should know, which include:

  1. Have a Cooler and Gearbox – These are two critical gear components needed for SUP fishing. The cooler gives you a place to store drinks, food and fish. It also gives you a place to sit when you’re tired and to stand to get higher up to see farther. The gearbox allows you to keep all your tackle and other gear dry in one easy-to-access space. Tip: Engel makes some awesome coolers. Many of them have rod holders and livewell-designated spaces right on the cooler.
  2. Start Out Fishing Structure – One of the most frustrating things about SUP fishing is trying to keep yourself in the optimal position to catch fish. This can be extremely challenging on the flats while trying to manage the position of your SUP, the paddle and fish all at once. Bri suggests introducing yourself to SUP fishing by fishing structure like docks and oyster beds. This way you don’t have to worry about constantly shifting your board’s position like you would if you were sight fishing on the flats.
  3. Bring an Anchor – Equally important as your other gear, an anchor is a must when SUP fishing. Having an anchor allows you stop quickly and quietly on the water and get casts at the necessary spots you’re trying to hit. You will most likely spend more time paddling and positioning your standup paddleboard than fishing if you do not have some sort of anchor.
  4. Artificials are Easier than Live Bait – Transporting live bait on your SUP can be difficult. Buckets full of water and bait are heavy, tip over easily and cause all kind of mayhem on the board. Artificial lures are much easier to transport and manage while on the water. They do not require as much maintenance either. Tip: Bring a small cast net with you on the board and try to catch bait close to your fishing spot if possible.
  5. A Good Board is Key – Having a board big enough to support your weight and made for fishing is imperative for SUP fishing. Additionally, other kinds of SUP boards such as surf-style SUPs will be much harder to fish from. These boards are not as stable and are designed to be turned much easier than a fish-style SUP.

Bri’s tips are great codes to live by when you start fishing from your SUP. Once you become comfortable on the board, there is no limit to the kind of fishing you can do on it; anything from offshore fishing for pelagic species to night fishing dock lights for snook and other predators.

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bri andrassi fishing

Check out Bri’s YouTube Channel Bri Andrassy SUP Fishing here

Also, don’t forget to check out the Surfers for Autism website to find out more about this amazing organization.

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