This One Lure Finally Got These Canal Tarpon To Strike…



Canal tarpon can be a ton of fun to catch on light tackle with their drag screaming runs and acrobatic aerial shows.

The only bad thing is that these juvenile tarpon can be very picky eaters, which makes for some frustrating times when you see them rolling around but can’t get any strikes…

And frustrated is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, as there have been a ton of small tarpon in the canal that I’m living on this summer, yet I have hardly had any strikes.

But that all changed one morning…

Want to see how I did it?

Watch the video below.

Tapon Skyrockets On Paddletail [VIDEO]

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Once I rigged up the new Slam Shady colored MinnowZ paddletail that we designed with Zman lures, it was on like Donkey Kong!

And not only did I get a strike on my 5th cast (after getting 0 strikes on hundreds of casts), it was a total skyrocket strike where the tarpon jumped out of the water to catch the lure as I was pulling it up to get ready for my next cast.

This was the first time I’ve ever set the hook on a fish while it was in the air!

And that same morning I hooked into another one that ended up breaking me off around a dock piling.

Needless to say, I have been super impressed with the Slam Shady color and I highly recommend that you give it a shot.

The previous trip with the Slam Shady included redfish, snook, seatrout, AND grouper.

Bottom line: it works and it is already racking up a solid list of species.

And the only place you can get them is from our website:

➡ Get the exclusive Zman Slam Shady Paddletail here

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Robert Knowles
4 years ago

Hey Luke, any particular presentation for those Tarpon? I cast to several small rolling the other morning, nothing. Then again I have never really tried and now it’s a new goal! Also great job on fishing from that paddleboard.

Steven Free
4 years ago

I bought some and yes I do like the action but that particular color doesn’t seem to work as great as my new penny with chartreuse tail you got to remember where you are it’s all clear water but where I’m at that’s defiantly not the case so darker colors at least for me work better here in the dark tannin stained water in northeast fl something with gold and or chartreuse always works for me although in winter it probably will because all the algae will be gone so the water does get clearer as the cold months progress thanks for the video and by the way I have now hooked 2 tarpon on that new penny color but they were well over 100lbs and since i wasnt fishing or expecting them to hit i lost both fish

Richard Partynski
4 years ago

What size jig head did you pair that up with ?

Thomas Campbell
4 years ago

That’s awesome man! I’m really surprised nobody else has made that color with gold and silver flakes before. It seems like a no brainer when u think about it. At least y’all figured it out! It’s my favorite lure for sure! Tight lines


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