Mangrove Snapper

How To Chum Up Snapper (For Tight Lines & Delicious Dinners)

Want nonstop action and good-eating fish? This style of fishing is perfect for that! See how and where to chum up snapper and learn what...
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Easiest Way To Rig Pinfish For Snapper (And Other Offshore Species)

Want to see a really easy way to rig pinfish for snapper and other bottom feeders? There's no weights or beads and it catches TONS of fish.
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How To Fillet Mangrove Snapper (Quick & Easy Way)

Want to learn how to clean mangrove snapper the easy way? Watch this video and see how to fillet, skin, and de-bone them so they're ready to cook.
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2 Tips For Catching Keeper-Size Inshore Mangrove Snapper

Want to catch more mangrove snapper for dinner? Check out these two tricks to catch more bigger snapper, and fewer smaller snapper.
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How To Rig Shrimp For Inshore Mangrove Snapper

Want to learn a great way to rig shrimp for mangrove snapper? See how to hook them here, plus where to find them and what equipment you need to catch them.
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Incredible Underwater Mangrove Snapper Strikes – How They Really Feed

Want to see how snapper actually feed on shrimp? This underwater footage shows the difference between snapper vs pinfish and how you can catch more snapper.
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4 Steps To Clean Snapper (Without Filleting Them)

Cooking snapper whole is one of my favorite ways to cook them. In this video, you'll learn how to clean snapper if you're going to cook them whole.
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How To Catch Mangrove Snapper On Demand (LIVE Fishing Trip)

Want to learn how to catch loads of mangrove snapper? Check out this live fishing trip where we caught dozens of fish and learn how you can do it, too.
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Inshore Gag Grouper & Snapper Secrets (Best Baits, Spots, Tides & More)

Want to catch more inshore grouper and snapper? Listen to Todd Foucher share all of his secrets for catching these big, tasty fish so close to shore.
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How To Catch Fish With Live Shrimp In The Shallows (Spots & Rigging Tips)

Want to catch tons of fish on the flats? Try throwing out a live shrimp. In this video you'll learn the best spots, rigging and more for using live shrimp.
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How To Maximize Results Using Live Shrimp Inshore [Insider Report]

Live shrimp can be great baits, but many anglers struggle with knowing what type of spots & rigs to foucs on.This report answers those questions and more.
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Amazing Inshore Fishing Trip In Brand New Spot (Key Biscayne)!

This exploration fishing trip to Key Biscayne was a great example of how a good pre-trip plan can make even a very short fishing trip be a ton of fun. Enjoy
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Key Biscayne Exploration Trip [Spot Dissection Analysis Report]

See the entire process for this fun exploration fishing trip to Key Biscayne: the pre-trip plan, on the water adjustments, and the post-trip analysis.
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Targeting Snapper and Sheepshead [Insider Report]

In this report I fished with live shrimp targeting Snapper, Sheepshead, and anything else willing to cooperate. Check out the full report!
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