How To Rig Shrimp For Inshore Mangrove Snapper


Want to catch more mangrove snapper?

These are delicious, aggressive fish that can be caught close to, or even from shore.

In this video, I wanted to do a little grocery shopping, so I stopped near a jetty do some snapper fishing.

I tried rigging them a different way than I usually do here, and it worked out very well.

I was able to cast the shrimp far and actively fish it, which helped me land dinner.

I’ll show you the new way I was rigging shrimp, plus:

  • The exact equipment I was using
  • Where to find snapper close to shore
  • How to release a little bit of extra shrimp scent in the water
  • And more

If you want to catch more inshore mangrove snapper, check out the video below.

Rigging Shrimp For Mangrove Snapper [VIDEO]

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To find mangrove snapper, you need to find structure.

Piers, jetties, bridges, rocky shorelines, and mangrove shorelines are great places to find them.

If you’re casting your shrimp out away from you and there’s not too much structure on the bottom, you can rig the shrimp like I did in this video.

Just pinch the tail off, then slide a weighted live bait hook through where the tail was and out of the belly.

I used the Mission Fishin weighted live bait hooks in this video.

Now, if you’re just dropping a shrimp down from a boat or a bridge and you keep getting hung up, I would not go with this option because of the exposed hook.

In that case, I would go with a Texas rigged shrimp.


underwater snapper footage

To catch mangrove snapper, just find some structure, toss out a shrimp, and hang on.

Wait for a big pull (the little taps will be pinfish), and when you feel it, set the hook (if you’re using a j hook).

Have any questions about catching mangrove snapper?

Let us know in the comments below.

And if you know someone who would like to catch more mangrove snapper, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Mark Weekley
2 years ago

man, I personally love you guys and tips. 62 yrs old grew up in a fishing family. I have always caught fish but, now I have a
better understanding of why I was so successful. Haven’t really fished since hurricane Ivan, and my wife was sick so long. Now ready for a new bay boat….and with ya’lls tips and how to I am ready….freddy! Thanks guys think you aaaaaare awesome!

Frank Murray
2 years ago

Said grocery shopping. I thought I was ready to watch catching snapper and perhaps cooking it like a catch and cook or say how to cook. Video was 2:40 put on a shrimp caught one snapper. Over before you knew it ☹️

Frank Murray
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

This is the exact same video as June 22nd insider report video-inshore mangrove snapper on the water footage.


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