Live Shrimp vs. Frozen Shrimp vs. Fiddler Crab (Bait Durability Test)


Have you ever wondered what happens to your bait when you drop it down to the bottom?

Or how frozen shrimp actually compare to live shrimp?

In this new video experiment, we’ve got those answers and much more.

In order to better understand how fish react underwater, and, therefore, how to get better at catching them, I’ve been doing a lot of underwater filming recently.

I’ve been testing out different baits, such as live shrimp, frozen shrimp, and fiddler crabs, and one thing I’ve been amazed at is how varied their durabilities are.

Some of them last just a few seconds, while others last several minutes.

Check out the video below to see which bait is most durable, which is least durable, and how different species react underwater.

Live Shrimp vs. Frozen Shrimp vs. Fiddler Crab [VIDEO]

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One big thing I noticed while recording these videos is how much longer live shrimp last than frozen shrimp.

For one, live shrimp can evade predators for a little bit by fleeing backward.

Another thing is that live shrimp are much more durable than frozen shrimp.

Even if they cannot totally evade pinfish or snapper, they’re much harder for them to rip and tear apart.

On the other hand, frozen shrimp cannot evade predators at all, and they’re much softer.

So if you’re using shrimp, I definitely recommend using live ones, especially if there are pinfish in the area.

But what about fiddler crabs?

Well, as we found out in the video, they’re super durable!

The fiddler crab lasted for several minutes while constantly getting attacked by hungry pinfish.

And since it lasted so long, it was able to attract a sheepshead, although it was so camera shy that it wouldn’t bite.

How Fish React Underwater

In addition to noting how some baits are more durable than others, I also found it fascinating how the fish react underwater.

One thing I’m impressed at is how intelligent sheepshead are.

They first looked at the crab, then at the camera, then they decided to take off.

Pinfish and snapper, on the other hand, don’t care if the camera is around — they just want to eat!

Another thing I thought was fascinating is how the pinfish scattered right before the bigger sheepshead came into view.

If you have a durable bait that can last through the pinfish attacks, if a bigger fish comes around, it seems like the pinfish will move to give it space to eat.


underwater snapper footage

If a bait gets torn apart in just a few seconds, it’s unlikely that you’ll catch your target species (although you will make a lot of little pinfish very happy).

Live shrimp last much longer than frozen shrimp, and fiddler crabs last the longest because of their tough shell, so remember that when you’re deciding on which bait to use.

What did you think about this video?

Have any questions or further experiments you’d like me to film?

Let me know in the comments below!

And click here to see the previous video about how snapper really feed.

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Larry Fox
3 months ago

Just seeing this now. Great video, Luke. Thanks!

Jon Kaplan
5 months ago

Great footage. Any footage of fake crab or shrimp and how the
sheepy’s respond? Thanks

Cj fahey
8 months ago

I live in South eastern NC an I have found that the small clusters of mussels that cling to the side of docks are the best. Small trash fish don’t mess with them at all. But the black drum an sheepshead can not resist. If you smash a couple around the edges so it chums the water just a bit you will almost always catch if the fish are present.

Ronald Lollis
10 months ago

Several years ago my two sons and I rented a 22’ Carolina Skiff at Sanibel Island Marina while on vacation. We bought two dozen live shrimp, pretty good sized, and also had frozen shrimp, squid and cut fish. We anchored about half length across the causeway and rigged separate rods for each type of bait. It was as much an experiment and learning experience as a fishing trip. Underwater cameras would have been awesome to record with. Hands down when we threw live shrimp, it wouldn’t make it to the bottom before the red snapper tore them up, most about 14”-20” range, a couple pounds up to about 4 lbs. The other offerings barely got a nibble, caught a couple smaller reds and a couple sw cats, go back to a live prawn, Boom! It was on! We could have filled the boat had we another two or three dozen live prawns. It was an interesting experience. Those little pin fish are definitely bait thieves, I call them saltwater bream.

Guy Markham
11 months ago

Oyster crabs are the best for sheepshead and black drum. Hands down, last way longer than any schimp and more desirable to the fish.

G Stenger
11 months ago

camo your camera and pole?

Last edited 11 months ago by G Stenger
James Rahn
11 months ago

Cool footage!

Brett Landon
11 months ago

Looks like some camouflage is needed on your GoPro and pole. I’d love to see some sheepshead taking the bait to learn just how they bite.

Gail Jonas
11 months ago

Do y’all have a lure that will not get caught in or on anything I live in fla about 2 miles before sabastion inlet .ive been lure fishing for a long time

A. Rollins
11 months ago

More of these underwater behavior videos. PLEASE!


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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