How To Catch Mangrove Snapper On Demand (LIVE Fishing Trip)


It’s mangrove snapper time!

Want to see the easiest and fastest way to catch a bunch of mangrove snapper and other inshore fish (that the entire family can enjoy – WITHOUT having to go offshore)?

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to show how to get nonstop tight line action, so that was our goal for this live fishing trip.

We went to a bridge close to Luke’s house and caught dozens of fish, including mangrove snapper, sea bass, jacks, ladyfish, and more.

If you want to catch dinner, are bringing kids out with you, or just want a ton of tight lines, this video is for you.

And not only did we catch a lot of fish, but Luke did a lot of teaching, too!

You’ll learn:

  • the 3 things you need to catch a high volume of fish
  • what most people do that causes them to lose lots of shrimp (and come up empty-handed)
  • how to position your boat and where to cast your bait to catch more fish
  • when this type of fishing is NOT a good idea
  • bridge fishing mistakes
  • and much more

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Mangrove Snapper On Demand [VIDEO]

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Mangrove Snapper On Demand [PODCAST]

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mangrove snapper on live shrimp

To catch high numbers of fish, here are three things you need:

  1. Structure
  2. Current
  3. Depth

If you have those three things and toss some shrimp down there, you’re most likely going to get a lot of action.

Have any questions about this type of fishing?

Have any requests for other types of fishing trips we should go on for these live podcasts?

Let us know in the comments below.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the nice video. Do you bleed all your keepers?

1 year ago

I think that is a 3/8 weight

Ron Vahey
1 year ago

Another nice video of you guys fishing and sharing tips! Enjoy them and learn something with each one, thanks. Keep up the great, fun work!

Steve Freeman
1 year ago

I haven’t heard any discussion about stainless vs carbon steel hooks. If you use stainless hooks and a fish breaks your line it will wear that hook for the rest of it’s life but a carbon steel hook will rust away in a short time.

A. Rollins
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Freeman

A good point for those who care. I stopped using stainless steel hooks to catch and release. When I’m grocery shopping offshore that’s the time I’ll use my leftover non-rusting hooks.

Ted Springer
1 year ago

Guys, loved the video once again! My biggest take away was the tip on how to avoid getting spooled. Something I knew long ago, but had basically forgotten. Haven’t had this issue arise for years (perhaps unfortunately, as I don’t get out on the water as often any more), but it was a good reminder. Now it will, hopefully, be top-of-mind next time if and when it happens. Please keep the great videos coming. I love the great variety of topics on these live video podcasts!

Ken Willcoxon
1 year ago

great video! There is so much knowledge in your videos. Luke the fish whisperer, amazing.

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

Awesome video – great to see both of you fishing together

1 year ago
Reply to  Pablo Diaz

Thanks Pablo!

dennis aust
1 year ago

Luke: Why don’t you put your bait bucket on the casting platform so you don’t have to go back and forth to get bait every time.

1 year ago
Reply to  dennis aust

My skiff is very tippy, so it very likely would fall off if I put it up on the casting platform.

Thomas Marks
1 year ago

Joe, National Hunting and Fishing Day is the fourth Saturday in September. This year it’s Sept. 26. It was established by Congress in 1971 and celebrated by many outdoor clubs across the nation. The Erie County Federation Of Sportsmen’s Clubs in New York claim they were the first organization to have celebrated this day and through their activism got the day designated by Congress. It’s a day to celebrate our outdoor traditions but most importantly it is a day celebrated to get our youth interested in the outdoor sport and to carry on our traditions.

By the way great podcast of snapper fishing!

Werner Boeer
1 year ago

You two are great entertainment!! Great tips on fishing around bridges and structure, from how to rig up, to leader and hooks to be used, to how to get unhung from structures and bridges to how to hook your bait on weedless. Great info if you are about to take the kids or grandkids fishing.

1 year ago
Reply to  Werner Boeer

Thanks so much for making time to leave the nice comment Werner!


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