Gulp Shrimp vs. LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp (Scent vs. Sight Tests)


Which do you think will catch more fish…

A LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp or a Gulp Shrimp?

Gulp shrimp look pretty basic, but have their legendary scent, while LIVETARGET shrimp don’t have any scent, but look VERY realistic.

Both are known to be good shrimp jigs, so I decided to put them to the test against one another.

Just like prior lure tests, I used the two lures on identical rods/reels, and I used the same lines too in order to minimize as many variables as possible.

This overall test consisted of two trips where I fished for about 1.5 hrs and switched lures every 3 casts to see which one got more action.

These were fun experiments because I got into some fun action, but by the end of day 2 I had a conclusive winner.

See the results of the two experiments in the videos below!

Note: The 2nd video has an incredible catch so much sure to watch that one.

LIVETARGET Shrimp Vs. Gulp Shrimp [Day 1]

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Equipment used:

A cold front recently swept through, so for this experiment, I trolled down a line of docks tossing out these two shrimp lures.

To minimize the variables that could cause a difference in performance, I used the same rod, reel, line, and leader, and switched every three casts.

Although the Gulp shrimp jumped out to an early lead, both of these lures caught lots of fish, so I can’t say for sure whether one is better than the other.

However, one thing we know for sure is that LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp is a lot more expensive than Gulp shrimp, so that’s definitely something to consider when you’re looking to get a new shrimp lures.

LIVETARGET Vs. Gulp Test – Day 2

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Equipment used:

Day two was similar to day one.

I hit the docks and caught a ton of fish, except on this day I got to catch some decent snook.

I still can’t believe I caught the one that wrapped me around the pilings!

I did catch more (and bigger) fish with the Gulp shrimp, but I also caught several fish with the LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp.


big snook on gulp shrimp

Both of these lures proved to catch fish on both days, so it’s safe to say that they are a good choice to use for inshore fishing.

But the Gulp shrimp had the edge in both quantity and quality fish so I have to side for Gulp shrimp after these experiments.

Plus, the LIVETARGET shrimp cost over $10 for two just shrimp bodies and a jig head…  which is very pricy when casting close to dock pilings or other hard forms of structure.

Gulp shrimp are about $6 for a pack of 5 shrimp tails, and 3 packs of jig heads can be bought for around $4 which results in a lower cost per lure.

Have you used these two lures?

What did you think?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who’s looking to try out one of these lures, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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3 years ago

I used to use a lot of gulp shrimp when fishing the coast and had good success…however, with all the pin fish and piggies, it got expensive for me. Cost the same or more as buying a quart of live shrimp. Had tried out quite a few different versions and most plastics get nipped at and chewed up and have finally settled on the Zman shrimpz for that application with procure. I still have two half used buckets of gulp shrimp that I keep meaning to bring to use up…but they never make the cut. Lol.

Tonya Prescott
3 years ago

This was really fun to watch. I’ve been a fresh water fisher all my life and a couple years ago went on an off shore fishing trip and literally I was hooked! I had only done a little fishing off bridges or the beach off and on but not necessarily knowing much and now since my trim I’m trying to learn more. I’m completely in love with all of it. I absolutely appreciate all of your video’s and insights. Thank you.

Ed Gabriel
3 years ago


I grew up in Connecticut near Long island sound and now live in Utah.  I have a daughter that lives near Orlando and I’ve been fishing in Florida several times the last few years. I’ve been following you this last year and you’re always catching fish. I also get a regular email from John Kumiskey who fishes the Atlantic side -mosquito lagoon area and his catch reports are 0 to 2 for three fish…. seems like there’s a lot of dead grass beds, algae-filled water etc. I would like to hear a “State of the State” podcast. My Fly Fisherman magazine has run a few articles on the Everglades fiasco and things that some of the guide captains are doing to help reverse that. Sounds like you’re helping people catch more fish ….. but will there be fish to catch?

 Best Regards,

Ed Gabriel, grandfather, fisherman, CPA

Billy Ackerman
3 years ago

Thanks for the video. I love gulp shrimp. I catch tons of flounder up here in Jersey with them. But I do look forward to giving the Power Prawns a try with and without Procure Flounder Pounder to see how they compare. SaltStrong!

Brian Pugh
3 years ago

Great video Luke! Have you tried the Voo Doo Shrimp against the Gulp Shrimp yet? Or DOA vs the Voo Doo Shrimp? Looking forward to more side by side fishing challenges between different baits. Wanted to thank you for digging into the differences between baits, line, leaders, rods and reels. It’s nice to see product reviews that aren’t sponsor driven. Keep up the great content. 👍

John Dunkhase
3 years ago

Great video Luke thanks. The issue with the Live Target shrimp seems to be cost. Here’s something on Amazon where you get 14 rigged shrimp for $8.99. Seems too good to be true but they seem to get high marks on review. Waddaya think? I haven’t tried them yet.

3 years ago

I also now have another container in the boat with 100 Slam Shady tails ready to go.

3 years ago

Hello Luke,
I have been using the Gulp shrimp for many years and always have a sealed container in the boat full of gulp shrimp and scent oil. They have always been my go to lure if i’m not fishing natural or live baits.
Love them!

Capt. Ray Markham
3 years ago

Some good action. Luke, don’t you use any release tools so you don’t have to touch these fish? At least, wet your hands before touching the trout. Thanks.

Marshall Wiener
3 years ago

I rig the gulp shrimp backward to imitate a fleeing shrimp


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